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How does it work?

You can start right away. You can earn hashing power for free or buy it instantly. You require storage to store your miners (excluding faucet hash). You can 'contract' your hashing power and get paid for it.

To start a contract scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can find how much hash (Mhs) you will be contracting, how much bitcoin you will make and how long your contract will last. You can also upgrade your miners, storage and contract timers at the store.

5 minutes contract =  0.24 SAT

Every 30 minutes, you can get 1 MHS with their faucet

If you are interested, please click the banner or click HERE

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This is Crap and a waste of time..... 0.24 SAT in 5 minutes with 1000 MHS....in one hour you you would get 2,88 SAT.... for another 1000 MHS you have to pay 24000 SAT......to extend the timer for another 5 minutes you have to pay 30000 SAT..... to get another 1000 MHS from the Faucet you would have to play 500 hours and making every 30 min the claim... so do the math.....this is Bullshit.


btw: to get 0,24 SAT every 5 min....you have to start the contract with a captcha, after 5 min to end the contract with a captcha and start the next contract with another captcha....

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