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Unable to unlock encrypted wallet -- I know passcode

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I am still new and am in the process of working my way through and getting a good feel for gridcoin.  I have gridcoin installed, am able to receive coins (I recieved an amount from a faucet), etc.  All of this was without an encrypted wallet--I didn't want to do this until I has a reasonable feel for how things worked.  That said, I encrypted my wallet with a fairly easy passcode--one that I knew and wrote down and saved to a text file another computer.  After encryption I tried to proceed with use the encrypted wallet and each time I do I always get the error message back that I entered in the wrong passcode, which is next to impossible given that I had JUST entered it in.  The passcode doesn't have a lot of characters in it, less than 10.  I also saved the encrypted string alongside the unencrypted passcode (just in case and as a failsafe).


I am using GridcoinResearchd for linux and utilize everything from the terminal.  I have, what I believe to be, configured my gridcoinresearch.conf file.  


From the terminal I am entering the following entry:


sudo gridcoinresearchd walletpassphrase [unencrypted passcode] 240     # <-- without the [ ]

sudo gridcoinresearchd walletpassphrase [encrypted passcode] 240        # <--without the [  ]


Both return the following error:

error: {"code":-14,"message":"Error: The wallet passphrase entered was incorrect."}


I wasn't born yesterday.  While new to gridcoin, I cannot seem to unlock my encrypted wallet.  What am I missing?  Any help is appreciated!



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