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My computer blew up before I could backup my wallet, and had to reinstall boinc and GRC Wallet.  I have everything sync'ed and I cannot seem to get the wallet to collect PoR.  I have tried everything from rebuild block chain, reboot wallet, sync neural network through the console, and force the beacon.  What I can see is that the wallet shows my master CPID in the overview window but when I run the diagnostic it shows a different CPID. Also I am getting an error in the log stating:


"Signing Block for "MASTER CPID HERE" and blockhash 77556d52477446b560af98650e58b5638804196e745dbe49e9905b459820d865 with sig Unable to sign message, check private key."  Where do I go from here?  The wallet has been running for a month.

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como está?


espero lleve un buen dia


escribo por que tengo un problema con el cpid, y no puedo autentificarlo


por que y tengo uno anterior, como puedo regresar al antiguo cpid


o validar el actual.





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If you look at the gridcoinresearch.conf file in the directory where your wallet is stored, you should find an entry that says "PrimaryCPID=" enter your old CPID there, and make sure the email address at the beginning of the document coincides with the one you have for BOINC. That should correct the problem.


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