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 I. info (how to access the bot via browser)

 II. DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) features

 III. DPP (Disaster Prevention Plan) features




I. info


I spoke yesterday in hangout #16 (A) about some of fediverse's (irc bot) new functions.


The services of this bot, can be used in your browser: 

go to one of the Gridcoin chat channels, e.g.: ( C ) and issue the below commands (or e.g. start with the command !help first to get a simple overview, the bot has now like 400 commands)




II. DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) features:


- "!cpid invalid": quite a lot of people experienced this error message with, and I think that help item solves it like for 90% of people

- "!fork": when we got 2 forks in November, people could identify if they are on a fork and then fix it



III. DPP (Disaster Prevention Plan) features: (via cron into irc)


- WU amount detection: e.g. which BOINC projects have no WUs (working units) anymore?

       a. this can be used for: moving them out much faster from the whitelist into a greylist, after more investigation

       b. the top5/last5 commands can be used to assess where are the most/less WUs, and switch in your BOINC client,

           e.g. going in vacation for 2 weeks ? use these top5 projects in that time

- "!peer version": how many peers are running the newest version ? Which very old versions are out in the wild still?

    e.g. when a mandatory upgrade is released, check the status of Gridcoin nodes: if not enough nodes have updated:

    is there a critical bug (crash, ...) ?


!stats has been updated with a 3rd, more uptodate data source:

   - newcomers can see their own stats (e.g. magnitude, RAC, GRC reward, ...), and compare e.g. to pool stats

   - it can also be used to assess the damage after a system-wide failure ( B )


The bot in general has lots of knowledge saved, which I try to teach the newcomers in the help channel, so they can find their right topics from all alone. 

In general, if you notice that you explain something like 2 or more times somewhere, drop me a message and that knowledge item will get also added. And then you save time from then on for other tasks.




IV. further links:


- for DPP and DPR see https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@cm-steem/3wst8s-gridcoin-community-hangout-013-rsvp-and-suggest-topics


( A ) hangout #16: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@cm-steem/gridcoin-community-hangout-016-19th-nov-2016-9pm-gmt-rsvp-and-suggest-topics


( B ) e.g. for this bug was known that 47% experienced it: https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/issues/154


( C )

Edited by erkan (see edit history)

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Great work Erkan, I think you have covered all the main DPP concerns with fediverse in the IRC.


People have to remember that the IRC is our main means of immediate information either from fediverse or from the users that are in the channel at that time.


I notice that lots of new members do not join the main channel, sometimes because they do not realise that it exists.


Anyone helping in Gridcoin-help should remember to tell the new user to join the main channel after they have been helped with their setup and success has been achieved.


Perhaps there could be another addition to fediverse, an explanation of how to enter the main channel and this !mainchannelinvite explanation can only be initiated by a 'helper' like an invite to join the main 'scene'.


This hopefully would ensure that people being helped wouldn't be able to join the main channel until they are fully setup and their initial problems are solved. Hence there should be no very basic help requirements in the main channel.

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I will add a !mainchannelinvite

thx for the idea


on request I can redirect outputs also somewhere else than irc

but I consider irc also my main comm channel

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edit 2016 Dec 18:

- added link for browser to access the bot's functions

- !stats: note about assessing severeness of bugs

Edited by erkan (see edit history)

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