Really need help with starter coin.

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Have used BOINC for SETI@home for years, new to the GRC aspect of it all.


  So far have accumulated about 0.656509 from asia faucet but all other sources for newbies seem to not be working.


  Would appreciate either a handful of coins to get started or a point in a direction to acquire a few starters at more then 0.20000 at a time. Thank you in advance!



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I have now accumulated 13.0084113 GRC between the asia faucet & someone who generously gave me 10 GRC.


  For some reason fails to transfer both times i've tried. I know my RAC is over 333,

I dont get it. Afraid I'll never get proof of researh grc with such a low balance.  It shows in the log people receiving hundreds of GRC

recently... keeps rejecting me.    This is getting frustrating.

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