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Happy 3rd Birthday Unobtanium!

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Happy 3rd Birthday $UNO!


Today in 2013,  UNO was fairly launched by Blazr2. 


The launch was pre-announced publicly on BCT.  Not one block was premined.  The first 1K blocks were mined at low reward to give miners a chance to configure their equipment.  To fund the first UNO faucet, Blazr2 had to beg to buy UNO from miners.


I doubt it is even possible to launch a coin like UNO today.


While 1000's of other coins have perished, UNO continues to be supported by a dedicated cadre of enthusiasts, most are crypto longtimers who still actively trade altcoins, but make UNO their "homebase coin." 


UNO is merged mined with Bitcoin, and today has about 2 Petahash (2000 THS) on it.  The network is strong, with community sponsored nodes around the world.  The blockchain (called the 'rockchain' in Uno parlance) is 3x faster and more lean than Bitcoin.  KGW protects the rockchain from being stranded at high difficulty.  UNO has an active core developer and the support of other developers who have stepped in when needed to keep UNO solid.

UNO is the most successful of the "rare" limited issue altcoins.  Only 250,000 UNO will ever be mined in 300 years.  Today there are about 197,000 UNO, with only about 3 Uno being produced each day.  UNO has passed well through its inflationary phase, and today has one of the lowest inflation rates of any coin, making it a great base pair for trading on Cryptopia exchange.


Learn more about UNO at http://unobtanium.uno and join in the live chat room.

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