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BitSquare.io adds Unobtanium to its Distributed Trustless Exchange

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On the cusp of UNO's 3rd birthday (the start of our 4th year) I'm glad to have more good news.  BitSquare.io has added UNO to their decentralized trustless exchange!



If you have never used BitSquare (and I had not until yesterday) you will find its not like any other exchange you've encountered.

Bitsquare requires you download a java app to connect to their network of traders. 




Once you work through the small learning curve, it's pretty easy to use. It just takes a little getting used to. 

Trades occur slower than on an exchange, not nearly as fast as a centralized exchange.


Here's a screen shot of setting up a UNO trade.



Lets say you want to sell UNO on BitTrade.io

Before you can create a trade, you have to send Bitcoin to your wallet address.

There is a cost of .01 bitcoin to guarantee the trade and prevent spam, but it is refunded after the transaction completes.




If you would like to try buying or selling Uno, I have some trades posted on BitSquare.io... 

This is my Portfolio page



Like I said, this is a different kind of exchange, a different paradigm for thinking about how trades can be accomplished without requiring trust. 


I'm glad UNO has this new arrow in it's quiver of tools. If Cryptsy/MintPal/MtGox and high profile exchange hacks have you concerned, or if you would just like to learn something different, go download the BitSquare app and give it a try.  


Unobtanium - the rare, fair cryptocurrency. Long term hodl. 250k Uno max. Low inflation. In it's 3rd year. This is a coin you want to hold. http://unobtanium.uno
Bitmessage me: BM-NBr8A6WCzJteqKvPH8VU1rc1dBUdmx5L

Reliable Altcoin Node Service offered at cost: Ask me about UNO;s Node Project and how your altcoin can benefit.

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