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Jack Kennedy

I need help with Ethereum mining

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Hi, I am unbelievably new to mining. I started yesterday just to mess around. I have got Ethereum Wallet and am trying to mine using Weipool. It says I'm mining hashes but if I'm to check Weipool it does not show that I'm mining. After alot of time I haven't been payed either. Im going to paste my CMD mining.


C:\Users\Jack>cd /

C:\>cd "Program Files"

C:\Program Files>cd cpp-ethereum

C:\Program Files\cpp-ethereum>ethminer.exe -F http://mine.weipool.org:5555/0xA9db91DD641828868b42865d79f12faa67051963/20 -G --opencl-platform 1
Found suitable OpenCL device [Ellesmere] with 8589934592 bytes of GPU memory
miner  13:41:47.465|main  Getting work package...
miner  13:41:48.481|main  Grabbing DAG for #98c461e5ÔǪ
  i  13:41:51.198|<unknown>  Loading full DAG of seedhash: #0f4bcc94ÔǪ
miner  13:41:51.198|main  Got work package:
miner  13:41:51.213|main    Header-hash: 4e1a5862a0fe25c8fa52d1c7397c63cb695929c5ae44eae5e673bda6b13c9d6e
miner  13:41:51.224|main    Seedhash: 98c461e52d6a89ad74df3a606ee4badcf96accae332c1984171fcb0973ab1115
miner  13:41:51.238|main    Target: 0000000394427b08175efa9a9eb59b9123e2969bf19bf272b20787ed022fbe6c
  i  13:41:51.261|gpuminer0  workLoop 0 #00000000ÔǪ #98c461e5ÔǪ
  i  13:41:51.268|gpuminer0  Initialising miner...
miner  13:41:51.761|main  Mining on PoWhash #4e1a5862ÔǪ : 0 H/s = 0 hashes / 0.5 s
Using platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
  i  13:41:52.319|<unknown>  Full DAG loaded
Using device: Ellesmere(OpenCL 2.0 AMD-APP (2117.9))
miner  13:41:52.392|main  Got work package:
miner  13:41:52.397|main    Header-hash: 19ae6ab6afb2860467960ce688321907c6bd2a2bf71a4aa03b3fefdd6f8b24d3
miner  13:41:52.408|main    Seedhash: 98c461e52d6a89ad74df3a606ee4badcf96accae332c1984171fcb0973ab1115
miner  13:41:52.420|main    Target: 0000000394427b08175efa9a9eb59b9123e2969bf19bf272b20787ed022fbe6c
Printing program log

Creating one big buffer for the DAG
Loading single big chunk kernels
Mapping one big chunk.
Creating buffer for header.
Creating mining buffer 0
Creating mining buffer 1
  i  13:41:54.336|gpuminer0  workLoop 1 #98c461e5ÔǪ #98c461e5ÔǪ
miner  13:41:54.836|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 19398656 H/s = 9699328 hashes / 0.5 s
miner  13:41:56.308|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 20315714 H/s = 29884416 hashes / 1.471 s
miner  13:41:57.521|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 19682429 H/s = 23855104 hashes / 1.212 s
miner  13:41:58.920|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 20049612 H/s = 28049408 hashes / 1.399 s
miner  13:42:00.109|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 20080053 H/s = 23855104 hashes / 1.188 s
miner  13:42:01.336|main  Mining on PoWhash #19ae6ab6ÔǪ : 19441812 H/s = 23855104 hashes / 1.227 s


And it continues but as I said weipool says I'm not mining my account is this 0xA9db91DD641828868b42865d79f12faa67051963


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