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Argentum [ARG]

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Argentum uses six cryptographic algorithms; 
- Scrypt with AUXPOW support (Merged Mining)
- SHA256D with AUXPOW support (Merged Mining)
- Lyra2REv2 (GPU)
- Myriad-Groestl (GPU/ASIC)
- Argon2d (CPU)
- Yescrypt (CPU/GPU)
- Max block size 10mb
- 3 ARG per block

Blocks are discovered every 45 seconds and transactions are fully confirmed every 4.5 minutes. 64 Million total Argentums will be mined. Once this limit is reached, it is increased by 1.1% annually, the rate of human population growth.



Mined blocks mature after 100 confirms.
Argentum Version 4.14.5
- Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction
Argentum Version 4.14.4
- Minor tweaks to increase initial blockchain download
Argentum Version 4.14.3- Adds 4 new mining algorithms (Activates at block 2,977,000)
- Lyra2re2 (GPU)
- Myr-Groestl (GPU/ASIC)
- Argon2d (CPU)
- Yescrypt (CPU/GPU)
Argentum Version 4.14.2

- These are just a few of the hundreds of enhancements with this new release


- BIP112 (CheckSequenceVerify) soft fork
- BIP146 Argentum will hard fork at block 2,977,000 (around March 13th 2018) to implement BIP146
- Signature validation using libsecp256k1
- Direct headers announcement (BIP 130)
- Automatically use Tor hidden services
- Notifications through ZMQ
- BIP9 softfork deployment
- Linux ARM builds
- Compact Block support (BIP 152)
- Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation (HD wallets)
- Substantial improvments to the client load time.


Argentum was created mid 2013 with the following criteria:


Argentum is fast, unique, and secure. We have learned from many of the past crypto-currencies and created one that can rival any. Argentum brings innovation and experimentation by combining interesting aspects of other crypto-currencies and adding unique features.
Argentum is designed to gain value over time and to be a rare commodity that is easily and quickly transferable. The innovation doesn't end there, Argentum is the first crypto-currency to increase transaction processing capabilities over those of bitcoin. With the Bank of Argentum, the ARG/DGC exchange, and other commodity related services on the way, there is a bright future for this coin.
Argentum is secure, rare, and unique. The combination of all its characteristics provide a:
1. Longterm stable investment
2. Growth potential based on services
3. Diversification into less risky crypto-currency
4. Secure quasi-instantaneous transaction processing


Taken from the most active ARG BitcoinTalk threads here: removed for forum rules

The original info is mostly defunct on those threads, hence this new ANN
Also in the very earliest original launch thread from the original developer AlphaC, there would seem to have been some kind of pre-mine which was used to pay for services rendered to Baritus. So for clarity I will state that there was a historical pre-mine at the beginning of what seems to have been around 200,000 ARG.

This pre-mine now will no longer matter as there would seem to be in the regions of over 3.5 million ARG locked in accounts that may be lost to the original holders.

We will move on from the past in a New Beginning for Argentum, eventually cutting ties with the original incarnation.

Current short term goals:

-Mining diversification - adding Lyra2REv2, Myr-Groestl, Argon2d, and Yescrypt

-Coinomi Mobile wallet (awaiting merge at Coinomi's repo) They will be more likely to add if you ask them to add it

-Merchant integration




Current release (v4.14.4):
Please feel free to contribute to any project. We're happy to have you contribute!


Source- https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum
QT Wallet: https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases

Coinvault.io: https://www.coinvault.io/

Litecoinpool.org: They merge mine, but only pay out in LTC.
Mergemining.com: https://mergemining.com/ (Status unknown)
Prohashing: http://www.prohashing.com/ (Scrypt)
ZPOOL: http://www.zpool.ca/ (SHA256)
Blockmunch: http://blockmunch.club/ (SHA256)

Joinmycrypto.tk: https://www.joinmycrypto.tk

Poolvich: http://poolovich.pro/ (Myriad-Groestl)


P2Pool: Use this for mining Lyra2rev2, Argon2d, Myr-Groestl, and Yescrypt

  - https://github.com/argentumproject/p2pool-argentum/

CryptoID: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/arg/
Prohashing.com: https://prohashing.com/explorer/Argentum/

Market Info:
CoinMarketCap: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/argentum/#charts
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/argentum
CoinHills: https://www.coinhills.com/market/arg/

Bitsquare: https://bitsquare.io
CoinExchange: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/ARG/BTC
Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=ARG_BTC

Novaexchange: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_ARG/

LocalBitcoinCash.org: https://localbitcoincash.org

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Argentum will be added to Bitsquare on their next release.


Electrum server is done.


Electrum Client is ready for open testing; I'm having trouble building a Windows executable (wine and py2exe) please help if you can. Linux works fine.


We are on coinvault.io which is a great looking web wallet. Check it out!


I'm trying to get Argentum onto the Jaxx Wallet platform. This would give Argentum a lot of needed exposure. Tweet @jaxx_io 


Argentum has great fundamentals, is fast, and stable. The barrier to entry is extremely low right now. 





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We have 4-5 days left until the fork. Just a reminder, if you're not on 2.4 you'll be forked off the main chain. All the miners, exchanges, and explorers that I'm aware of, have upgraded.



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If you run a mining pool, please consider merge mining Argentum. It's listed on cryptopia.co.nz, coinexchange.io and Bitsquare


45 second blocks, 3 coins per block, 10MB max blocksize, multi-algorithm difficulty adjustment.


SHA256D and Scrypt


Post a link to your pool and I'll add it to the OP's and the website at http://www.argentum.io


I will give you a shout-out on Twitter as well!

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Argentum v2.4.4 is out now


Changes - 

-Minimum transaction fee and minimum relay transaction fee from 0.00500000 to 0.00050000

-Bring the dust limit in line with Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies. With a relay transaction fee of 0.00050000 the dust limit should be 0.00027300; anything less than that and the transaction will be rejected.

-Change the dust soft limit to 0.00050000. Any amount of ARG less than 0.00050000 will incur an additional fee of 0.00050000.


Source - https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/

Windows QT - https://github.com/argentumproject/argentum/releases/tag/v2.4.4


Latest Electrum release




Newest SHA256 pool


Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Mineshaft?pool=ARG&Algo=SHA256

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