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Gridcoin wallet stopped working and started to crash

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I have set up Gridcoin Wallet ca. 1 week ago (win 10 amd64 english). It worked until 23 of August. Since that, it stopped working: gridcoinresearch.exe displays the following error message on start:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\GridcoinResearch\gridcoinresearch.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.
In Event Viewer, no records can be found.
In debug.log, last records are:
[DoTallyRA_START]  [DoTallyRA_END] 
08/23/16 13:30:09 **** Received block 04f959bab7d648ed288b9cd3adbae58288a85291adcbe2c5338f3630ba7de9fd; -{SBC} new best=04f959bab7d648ed288b9cd3adbae58288a85291adcbe2c5338f3630ba7de9fd  height=643881 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:31:13 *** Received block 6d4863078ffe7a4548d8c0f354828e5297816f59e2190e070d68f1850f8b9c6a; -{SBC} new best=6d4863078ffe7a4548d8c0f354828e5297816f59e2190e070d68f1850f8b9c6a  height=643882 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:32:00 * Received block c6100c04bca0afc78338b040a1aa26ed5b7766d3fa4ff6635e4bc43b18f9f013; -{SBC} new best=c6100c04bca0afc78338b040a1aa26ed5b7766d3fa4ff6635e4bc43b18f9f013  height=643883 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:32:18 **** Received block 072f67bf3ebcde035449c5e9bc00c90038a644fde81dea4477fc1e4b47033277; -{SBC} new best=072f67bf3ebcde035449c5e9bc00c90038a644fde81dea4477fc1e4b47033277  height=643884 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:33:23 ******************* Received block 271e512f41fb6c1ac164163240a0ac2e4261f8af8d4c584e92a6c2ec645db11e; -{SBC} new best=271e512f41fb6c1ac164163240a0ac2e4261f8af8d4c584e92a6c2ec645db11e  height=643885 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:38:25 ****** Received block 7cce09d01d63057b218efaf432c7866344a74fd2e57f0a4fd6557176720102b5; -{SBC} new best=7cce09d01d63057b218efaf432c7866344a74fd2e57f0a4fd6557176720102b5  height=643886 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:40:02 ** Received block ac3fe09458136e379708b268e41b614afb44112608c9b34c31089cc362ec43af; -{SBC} new best=ac3fe09458136e379708b268e41b614afb44112608c9b34c31089cc362ec43af  height=643887 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:40:30 Ready to CPU Mine project milkyway@home with CPID c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b, RAC(1073.000000) 
08/23/16 13:40:34 **** Received block 317e36a83e3ce1707cf5fc4f8be66f3d9e6272d0ac7d9a3d79403a550b941994; -{SBC} new best=317e36a83e3ce1707cf5fc4f8be66f3d9e6272d0ac7d9a3d79403a550b941994  height=643888 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:41:36 **UPnP Port Mapping successful.
08/23/16 13:42:09 * Received block 4f528df7913483cc2e5b71cf62cfdeaf9d0c22793abefc6b5c7472d1794230c3; -{SBC} new best=4f528df7913483cc2e5b71cf62cfdeaf9d0c22793abefc6b5c7472d1794230c3  height=643889 ; {PB}: ACC; 
08/23/16 13:42:25 ******* Received block 20b1643698ea338da28c3bcf38ee5d9d6ebc1f73b335dcee29678b0f039ed43e; -{SBC} new best=20b1643698ea338da28c3bcf38ee5d9d6ebc1f73b335dcee29678b0f039ed43e  height=643890 ; {PB}: ACC; 
In debug2.log, last records are:
авг 23 2016 16:19, Storing Bitcoin price quote
авг 23 2016 16:19, Storing Gridcoin Price Quote
авг 23 2016 16:20, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:20, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>64382</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>
авг 23 2016 16:20, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:20, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>64383</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>
авг 23 2016 16:27, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:27, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>64820</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>
авг 23 2016 16:32, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:32, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>65119</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>
авг 23 2016 16:40, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:40, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>65623</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>
авг 23 2016 16:46, Testnet : False
авг 23 2016 16:46, <QUORUMDATA><AGE>65970</AGE><HASH></HASH><BLOCKNUMBER>643139</BLOCKNUMBER><TIMESTAMP>08-22-2016 19:24:32</TIMESTAMP><PRIMARYCPID>c344d60cf3106de35fbc7d810e81596b</PRIMARYCPID></QUORUMDATA>

Any idea what's wrong with it?





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Please delete C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\GridcoinResearch EXECEPT wallet.dat, gridcoinresearch.conf and walletbackups folder if existing.

Then start the wallet and download the blocks (Rebuild Block Chain -> Download Blocks, DO NOT hit Rebuild Block Chain -> Rebuild Block Chain ;) )

If the error persists, have a look into your gridcoinresearch.conf. If it is empty, delete it and restart with inserting your email adress (if you are in solo mining mode and not pool mining)

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Thanks, Quez, I did what you suggest!

gridcoinsearch.conf was in place but contained 315 bytes all 00.

Now wallet has started, downloaded blocks, now syncing.

Balance became 0, mag 0, CPID Foundation.

I hope it will recover after its suicide attempt...

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After manual edits in its conf file and some time for syncing, the wallet finally started to work again and now all figures are restored. Even received my first POR earnings)

Googling shows that this conf file corruption is a common problem...

Thank you for your help!

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