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Project name: NumberFields@home

Project category: Mathematics

Sponsor: Arizona State University, school of Mathematics

Goals: Research in number theory Number theorists can mine the data for interesting patterns to help them formulate conjectures about number fields.

Current whitelist status: Whitelisted!

SSL quality: C https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=numberfields.asu.edu

Official website: http://numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields/

Team info: http://numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields/team_display.php?teamid=2069

Team user rankings: http://numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields/team_members.php?teamid=2069

Boincstats link: http://boincstats.com/en/stats/122/team/detail/2069

Server_status link: http://numberfields.asu.edu/NumberFields/server_status.html

Edited by C.M

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having a problem joining this project I keep getting email is already in use. when I go to request password it says no such user. what is wrong?

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FIXED like this:


 - the admin made an upgrade

 - you can join the BOINC project via your boinc client + then log in also to the website with the credentials you used (creating an account over the website not possible)

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