Gridcoin/Boinc Meetup in Berlin 5. July 16 (special guest Yoyo@home Admin)

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Hej there!


We will meetup in Berlin!

I ´ve  invited a lot of people to talk each other.

We have people from "Meisterkühler.de" the watercooling boinc boys.

Yoyo, the admin from Yoyo@home and chairman from Rechenkraft.net, the german Boinc board. 

And of course other members from rechenkraft.net as me themselves ;)


We will drink beer and take up a burger at the room 77. You can buy this with Bitcoin!



We meet at 5. July 16 , 19.00 oclock CET


This is ROOM77, the restaurant at the end of capitalism: 
warm beer, cold women and fast food made slow.



Port 77
D-10967 Berlin
Solar System Milky Way
Virgo Supercluster


Do you want to go?

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*Schön aber nach der Umfrage im Chat hat der Termin gewonnen* Eiegntlich wollten nur nen paar zusammenkommen und jetzt is Planet3D und Seti Germany noch im Boot ;)

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