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How Does Dash's DAO Work? | DASH: Detailed

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Evolution's Marketplace, Masternode Shares, & DAPI: Evan Duffield Expounds


How will interest-bearing savings accounts (or masternode shares), the merchant/app/marketplace, and the world's first decentralized API work, precisely? Join Amanda as she chats with Evan Duffield -- he even gives bonus personal stories and economic predictions at the end.


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"Dash to Adoption" Status Update with John Bush  


The Dash treasury proposal "Dash to Adoption" is in its final month of funding. Amanda B. Johnson visits proposal owner John Bush in Austin. She asks how things are going, what he's learned, and how many merchants remain to reach 100.


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Bitcoin's Bubble vs. Dash's Killer App: Amanda B. Johnson at UNM


Cryptocurrency's ~14 billion dollar market cap is largely betting that one or more blockchain-based tokens become widely used as "money." But given crypto's current usability, that's not likely to happen. Amanda B. Johnson discusses why the likes of Bitcoin and others are likely currently in a bubble, and why Dash Evolution may well save cryptocurrency.


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Cody Wilson and hipster Joel as well as Ryan Taylor of Dash on the crypto show:

This episode we had Cody Wilson on before the December 4th FreeRossAthon event and some of the latest updates with Defense Distributed. We also speak with Brian Taylor of Dash. Org about his experience and work with Dash.



Perry Woodin of Dash's Node40 on The Crypto Show:

Perry Woodin creator of Node40 a Dash specific service that implements MasterNode services for even those that can't check their email. Perry also dives in to some other misconceptions about Dash as well.



Evan Duffield and Andy Freer of Dash org:

Evan and Andy lay out the governance structure of Dash as well as the upcoming Dash Evolution project to be released in mid 2017.


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Episode That Has No Name Because It's An Experiment (Whaddya Think?)


In this experimental format, Amanda B. Johnson provides Dash news from mainstream publications, social happenings, job opportunities, network statistics, and development updates. What do you think of it? What do you like and not like? Share in the comments!


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Amanda Johnson of Dash will be on Sunday's show! $700 Bitcoin a thing of the past? OTC Market


Sunday night we will have the mistress of Dash on the show! Amanda B. Johnson will be in the house! Post your questions here. In other news, I will be on CrushThestreet with Kenneth Ameduri soon if all goes well! This is my second video of the day, but I am still pumped for Bitcoin. I don't know about it never hitting the $700's again. I also would rather have Bitcoin than an IRA. You probably heard that China banned margin trading on Bitcoin exchanges.




Amanda B. Johnson of Dash Interview! Evolution, Bitcoin, Monero, and more!


Amanda Johnson of Dash was today's guest on Today in Bitcoin. She talked about the history of Dash and addressed some controversies like the premine. We talked about marketing, anonymous aspects of cryptocurrencies, and competition between coins. The rivalry with Monero was brought up along with many other subjects. I hope you enjoy this video. 


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