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CometCoin Presentation:

The idea of this new coin was born in late 2015, when we asked ourselves if operations with crypto-currency could be made easy for all people.

We decided then to start the project.

Building things require time, but in first days of May 2016 finally the coin saw the light. Key of CometCoin will be the great number of services that are built on.

Some of "services/features" we are going to hit in next months

  • Anonymous private area
  • Simple online and new desktop wallets
  • Suggest new features and vote for it
  • Online platform for no-profit or profit crowdfunding


To hit early 2017

  • Online payments API (like PayPal API: every private/business/association will be easily able to accept payments in CMT)
  • Modules for the main CMS / E-Commerce (in this list the main software, you can suggest others of course): * WordPress * - * Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart * - * REST API *

And later

  • Offline prepaid cards

And so on... Bottom line is: Always moving



White paper




Where to trade:

- If you list CMT in your exchange contact us at [email protected]



Vote CMT on Cryptopia, we need free and paid votes to get on Cryptopia exchange



Official Website https://cometcoin.com

Block Explorer: https://blockchain.cometcoin.com

Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/cometcoin




Symbol: CMT

Algorythm: Scrypt

2,000,000 CMT Max supply

PoW block reward 10 CMT

halving every 97000 blocks

Built-in block explorer

RPC Port 7046

P2P Port 7045

AddNode node.cometcoin.com

AddNode node2.cometcoin.com

Block-Time 2 minutes


Change diff every 1 block


Pre-mine is only 3%, will be used to empower services and for an eventual pre-sale or re-distribution




Linux, MacOS, Windows wallets available on Website Home page



Example Conf:









Pool mining:








- If you list CMT in your mining pool write us to: [email protected]



Applications and API:

We are going to release a new section on the website.
Here we'll publish some Proof of Concept and an API to the Comet BlockChain and web services.


We just opened the new HUB for applications, stay in touch



Applications HUB:




Released 30th June - Comet WebWallet:


Other useful links:
- If you listed CMT in your website contact us at: [email protected]
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the name (wallet), of course, is a repository under cometcoin account.

Is just wallet, because we're developing a new one, that will be highlighted.


More projects will be added to GitHub, because we love opensource


We've updated the post, to better explain what "ICO" means for us and some details.

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good luck - I have a pool up and running and we have the lions share of network hash. Have you announced this on Bitcointalk yet?


If you really want an ICO - then you should contact Yobit


If you want to get the coins listed on an exchange quickly then you should go to alcurex - they only charge about $40 USD to get your coin listed.

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Hi, thank you very much for the interest.

Yes, we announced on bitcointalk.


Ok, we try to contact them.


Our main interest now is to build things and make them ready to use as soon as possible

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it seems that the block chain is stuck its been on 1701 for 30 + min now


Seems ok, we are discussing with exchanges to prepare the coin for the market while we're doing hard work with applications.

There is need for some more hashing power in these weeks before the launch on exchanges

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