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[ANN]GHS coin POS 100% Year.

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Web - ghscoin.ml




3 years I use different services in renting of speed, for mining bitcoin, litecoin and other alternative currencies. Mostly I buy\rent scrypt and sha-256. Currency POS to extract does not work, but all pos currency Scam. It's sad.
To modify an existing one, I created my own currency.
Represent GHS coin. It's a PoS currency that I will support and develop.
Why you need this currency?
You buy currency on the exchange, I take bitcoins and the proceeds invested under the separate accounts on different services for the rental rate. The profit of these services, I will transfer back to the exchange and buy back ghscoin. You buy at the price, for example 1000 Satoshi, and put a warrant for 1010 Satoshi. I leased with the proceeds of rate will transfer and redeem you back ghs coins. You profit - my pleasure from the fact that my currency is not Scam and people can benefit from it.
What is my benefit? I'll take 1% of the profits yourself. 99% of the profits from the rental services to acquire you back ghscoin, and 1 % leaves me.
And now about the currency:
Type PoS
Coin name GHScoin
Coin abbreviation GHS
RPC port 7120
P2P port 7119
Block reward 100 coins
Total coin supply 46666667 coins
Premine percent 10%
Premine amount 4666667 coins
PoS percentage 100% per year
Coinbase maturity 20 blocks
Target spacing 64 seconds
Target timespan 1 block
Transaction confirmations 6 blocks

Windows wallet
Linux daemon
Linux wallet-qt







Edited by ghscoin

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02.06.2016 18:00 we will buy you ghs coin back. Set orders from 0.00005 to 0.0001.






And we set buy order to 0.0001




And second round



And we stoped.


Next our price to sell is 0.00010001 


Next round - 05.06.2016

See more info in GHScoin.ml

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