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Hi everyone,


I've configured my machine (which is 24/7 running) to act as a node. Since I'm located in Puerto Rico, if you're from the Caribbean, you could add the node to speedup the network since currently in the island it has to travel through the Columbus Network submarine cable to reach the USA and connect to the nodes out there.


It should work, but if you experience an issue let me know.

Thanks and enjoy the new node  ;)

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Yo Moises,


Are you having similar issues to this?


Do you have any 'inbound' connections? "inbount" : true in getpeerinfo.


You can check your fullnode port 9332 with If it's open and you have more than 8 connections you should be getting inbound connections.


Easier command to check: gridcoinresearchd getpeerinfo | grep inbound

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