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ionomy.com is proud to announce the launch of ION. (Ticker: ION) An all new cryptocurrency dedicated to mobile gaming, and most importantly: Fun. ION is for anyone who loves the internet, games, cryptocurrency, earning, and all things fun.

Since its inception, Cryptocurrency has struggled to reach the masses due to its complexity and difficult barriers of entry. ION changes that. The objective of the ION is to make it easy for any user to enter the crypto space and allow them to learn in an incredibly intuitive and easy way. Multiple tiers of accessibility from mobile to desktop will make the platform an option for nearly all users of the internet.

At the heart of the system, lies the core asset: ION


As of  April 4, ION is available for prepurchase on ionomy.com.


Algo: Proof of Stake 3.0 

Initial Coin Supply: 10,900,000 ION

- 3.4 million ION: participation incentives given away by ionomy.com

- 2.5 million ION: bounties for coin development

- 5.0 million ION: for offer through Initial Coin Offering

Avg Block Time: 1 minute
Block Size: Scalable up to 8mb
TX Fee: .0001 ION (paid to masternodes)
Anon TX Fee (Darksend): .01 ION (paid to masternode)

Masternode Requirement: 20000.0000 ION (Minimum and Maximum)
Masternode Rate: 50% Block reward


Block Reward Schedule

Year 1: 23 ION/Block - 12 million/year
Year 2: 17 ION/Block - 9 million/year
Year 3: 11.5 IOn/Block - 6 Million/year
Year 4: 5.75 ION/Block - 3 Million/year
Year 5-10: 1.85 ION/Block - 1 Million/year
Year 11-100: 0.2 ION/Block -  100k/year - 9 million total


The ION ICO will open Monday, April 4th 2016 through May 16, 2016. Initial offering price will be $0.20 USD. A total of 5 million ION have been allocated to the ICO. The ION will be sold in blocks of 400,000 with progressive pricing increases of $0.01 USD implemented every week, the final week of the ICO will have an additional 100,000 ION available for a total of 500,000 at $0.25

The ICO is being conducted on ionomy.com. All ICO coins will be delivered after the close of the coin offering on May 16.






Who is the ION Economy for?

The ionomy is for everyone. It’s not limited by geography. Any user with access to a current mobile device and the internet can join to take full advantage of the platform and its offerings. Gamers, developers, traders, crypto enthusiasts, and investors can all find options and features that cater to their interests.

The ionomy.com platform appeals to gamers of all levels of familiarity with cryptocurrency, allowing them to leverage the value of ION. In-game advantages and avenues to monetary rewards are universally exciting. It’s easy to join and start earning more ION. ionomy.com bridges the gap between complexity of cryptocurrency and the easy familiarity of mobile gaming. The combination of investment opportunities and gaming will attract users with varying experience and interests.


ionomy.com is a community hub for programmers, designers, and content creators interested in integrating ION and ionomy.com tokens through in-app purchases, achievement rewards, upgrades, and subscriptions. We aim to make it easy to integrate our APIs, collaborate with talent to optimize games, and quickly crowdfund and deploy new projects.


ionomy.com’s integrated financial, gaming, and social platforms provide both basic investment opportunities through staking and trading as well as advanced opportunities through gaming and social participation. Exchange pairs will exist for every component in the staker fueling process, including ION/BTC and an electrons market. Additional markets, trading pairs, and currencies will be added as the ION economy grows. ION, the digital currency, also offers opportunities for investors to grow their assets through independently operated QT wallets and masternodes.


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