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Hello guys & gals,
Would you like to help stick it to Big Vern?  This is your chance.

I spoke again with the Cryptsy conservator today. He explained that the current status of the UNO wallet that was stolen from Cryptsy is that it is frozen by Bittrex.  I've been asked to provide reasonable proof connecting the Bittrex wallet to Cryptsy. Bittrex understandably needs to cover themselves from a business & liability perspective. They didn't ask for stolen UNO to be sent to Bittrex, and have cooprated by freezing the wallet. Yet, it is reasonable that they have asked the conservator for some help to trace the funds.  Obviously, Bittrex doesn't watch the rockchain as closely as we do, and the conservator has no prior experience with UNO whatsoever, so we were asked to provide some help.  I think we can do this.   (and no, I'm not getting paid for any of this).

Did you escape Cryptsy with UNO in the final days?  I am looking for Cryptsy withdrawal transactions that can be traced directly to the big Cryptsy Cold Wallet.

Here is what would be helpful:

1) Transaction ID of your latest and largest withdrawals from Cryptsy that may have moved the Cold Wallet. I'll take anything at this point.  Something from January would be great, but if you pulled out 2k UNO from Cryptsy in 2014, I'll be glad to work with that.

2) This is a bonus:  you still control the wallet that received the UNO from Cryptsy, and ideally you have the ability to sign a message from the wallet.

3) Super bonus: you would be ok identifying yourself to the conservator who is trying to recover the Cryptsy wallet, perhaps making a statement that you did indeed trigger that transaction which moved the Cryptsy cold wallet.

I'll be happy with #1, but #2 & #3 would clinch it.  If you PM me the transaction, I will keep it confidential.  If you feel comfortable posting the info here, then go ahead do that so everyone in the world can also sleuth the rockchain, but just know that you will be revealing your wallet.

Unobtanium - the rare, fair cryptocurrency. Long term hodl. 250k Uno max. Low inflation. In it's 3rd year. This is a coin you want to hold. http://unobtanium.uno
Bitmessage me: BM-NBr8A6WCzJteqKvPH8VU1rc1dBUdmx5L

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