[ANN] LitBar (LTB) - Reborn (sub- Bitbar has a little brother)

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Thanks!  Yea, keeping the coin separate is probably necessary because they're totally different and created two totally different communities when they launched.

Is there an [ANN] for Bitbar ? I've been looking around and can't find a main thread.

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So I'm tired of the constant interruptions of those rude, non Litebar wallets connecting.
It causes the the wallet to 'think' there are blocks to download, and makes the pools stop working.

So I updated the wallet to only connect to wallets with "Litebar" in the subversion.

The only downside is the people who haven't updated their wallet will get disconnected too.
Hopefully they will look around and find the answer to why they can't connect...

github source is updated.

Windows Windows QT wallet v04_3_005

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So I've gotten a little side tracked playing Call of Duty, and have put my project of creating a block explorer aside for a while.
I do have a explorer up and running at http://ltb.altcoinwarz.com:3002
It's an Iquidus explorer and it seems to work well.
Besides a fully functional block explorer, it also has top 100, network, movement and market info.

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