Proof of Physical Address - A KYC Oracle

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Proof of Physical Address A KYC Oracle


What is it?


Proof of Physical Address is a smart oracle developed for the Ethereum blockchain to serve as a primitive form of Know-Your-Customer.


What does it do?


There is a smart contract deployed to the public ethereum Blockchain; you can find it here: 0xbad661c5a1970342ade69857689738b6c8d9da51


This contract has the following public method signature:

hasPhysicalAddress (address _addr)


If the _addr is registered in the contract's Address Registry, the hasPhysicalAddress method returns true. Otherwise it returns false.


How does it work?


The form on this page asks for a physical address. Upon submitting the form and paying the deposit of 0.43 ETH ($5 USD worth of Ether) we will send you a postcard to the address listed. This postcard will contain a unique identifier associated with your address.


Once you receive the postcard in the mail navigate to the Register page and enter the unique identifier as well as your desired Ethereum address. Upon submitting, the Oracle will update its registry and the provided Ethereum address be registered on the blockchain for 365 days. Calls to the hasPhysicalAddress function will return true when invoked with an address that has been registered.


Check it out:  https://proofofphysicaladdress.com/


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