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Ownage: An Ethereum based ownership and trading platform for digital game content

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Ownage: An Ethereum based ownership and trading platform for digital game content


As I have a background in both gaming and an interest in bitcoin, I’ve lost count of the number of times people have asked me whether there was a place for blockchain technology in gaming.


It wasn’t until I started writing smart contracts using Ethereum that I realised the true value of blockchain technology for the gaming industry. The technology allows digital ownership to be every bit as real as physical ownership — and the implications that has for gaming is quite astonishing.


Let’s consider for example, trading card games. Physical cards are yours forever. You can swap, sell, or play them using whatever house or competition rules you want. In perpetuity. Unfortunately, in the digital world you’re always reliant on servers, up to date software, store availability, trust in the creators, and pre-programmed rules.


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