Stuck at CPID: INVESTOR need help

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Hi everybody,
I'm new to GRC cryptocurrency.

Atm I have 22 GRC but they don't seem enough: magnitude is stuck at 0.00 by days as the "Estimated time to earn reward" stuck at 1 day and "Estimated time to earn POR reward" stuck at 2 hours.


I suppose it's due to the low amount of GRC I have...am I right?


In that case it would be great if you could send me some GRC: S1Sxf3gtQCfRwumZvJpAwH3F64fwj79Wta


Thanks a lot!

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2 GRC, maybe even less, are supposed to be enough to start.


Whats your CPID? Did you send a beacon already?

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My CPID is stuck at INVESTOR so I have not sent any beacon.
To change this situation I tried:

- to delete everything except wallet.dat and reinstall it all;

- to execure:

reset cpid


"Command" : "resetcpids"
"Reset" : 1




list explainmagnitude


"Command" : "explainmagnitude"
"Whitelisted Project Count" : 34.00000000,
"Grand-Total Verified RAC" : 5834.00000000,
"Grand-Total Network RAC" : 5699276533.00000000,
"Total Magnitude for All Projects" : 0.00000000,
"Grand-Total Whitelisted Projects" : "34",
"Participating Project Count" : 0.00000000,
"(0.00/0.00)/34*115000=" : 0.00000000





execute advertisebeacon force



"Command" : "advertisebeacon"
"Help" : "Note: if your wallet is locked this command will fail; to solve that unlock the wallet: 'walletpassphrase <yourpassword> <240>' without <>.",


(My wallet is not locked)




The content of my con file is:



email=MY EMAIL


(Even if I try to delete "PrimaryCPID=INVESTOR" it appears again the next start; those shown are the actual BOINC folders)




I really appreciate your help!


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