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John Ogden

[TASK][BitSend][BSD] Giveaway 100 BSD per Person for 150 People!

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BitSend Giveaway - 100 BSD per Person for 150 People!


100 BSD per person for 3 simple tasks





1. Follow and retweet
2. Post your BSD wallet address here, or in your retweet on twitter
3. That's it!







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BSD - Bitsend Core



Copyright © 2009-2015 Bitcoin Core Developers Copyright © 2014-2015 Dash Core Developers Copyright © 2014 Doge Core Developers Copyright © 2013 Dr Kimoto Chan Copyright © 2014-2015 LIMX Core Developers Copyright © 2016 BitSend Core Developers

Release 14.02.2016


The Version adds new functions.


    BitSend Diffbreak - This function protects the chain against huge miners. After 6 hours every CPU-Miner is able to create new blocks.

    KGW3 - The new KGW setup is now smarter and has a new hard retarget after 60 Blocks (Backup)

    The new Version supports 4 MB blocks

    We increased the TX fee's for more security (Blockspaming)


Rebrand from LimecoinX to BitSend


    New GFX and Name

    Limecoinx ->BitSend

    LIMX ->BSD

    new protocol 70077


What is BitSend? What is the different?

BitSend isn't a short term project. It is private digital currency for every generation. The POW and POS period goes 100 Years. This is for a fair distribution. 

BitSend doesn't have a blockhalving or ponz scheme. Also in 10 year or 20 year can you can mine BSD like today. You can mine BSD without mining equipment. You need only

5000 BSD and a server with static IP address.


Why a 6 min Chain?

BitSend does not generate thousands of empty blocks daily. This doesn't make a coin better or secure. Only 240 blocks will generate per day. 

For a fast payment you can use "InstantX". This transaction need only one conformation. The next advantage is a fast client synchronization and less harddisk space.


Why 525 Mio Coins?

Yes 525 Mio BSD is much. But the Distribution is very slow. We generate per Year ~4.35 Mio BSD. In 4 years also 17,4 Mio BSD. Litecoin generate today (after first blockhalving) in 4 years 21 Mio LTC.

The advantage is the fair Distribution for the next Generations. 


Masternode Network

Masternodes are full nodes, just like in the Bitcoin network, except they must provide a level of service to the network and have a bond of collateral to participate. Collateral is

never forfeit and is safe while the Masternode is operating. This allows investors to provide a service to the network, earn interest on their investment and reduce the volatility of the



Due to the fact that the Masternode rewards program is a fixed percentage and the Masternode network nodes are fluctuating, expected Masternode rewards will vary according

to the current total count of active Masternodes. 



DarkSend is the name of the decentralized mixing implementation that obfuscates and provides a greater degree of privacy/anonymity to the transactions of the BitSend network. 


Obfuscation is achieved by using network nodes in order to break up and reroute the flow of money in a way that is hard to track down. Further obfuscation takes place by using similarly sized pools of money which makes it difficult to pin-down identical amounts to a certain transaction especially when multiple transactions are occurring simultaneously, all with the same amount of money. Multiple rounds of mixing are employed so that tracking payments becomes exceedingly difficult as the number of mixing rounds increases.


This process requires more time than normal transparent transactions as time is needed to accommodate the pooling of multiple transactions. To solve this issue, the ability to pre-mix coins has been implemented so that one can use "anonymized" coins right away. 



InstantX is a service that allows for near-instant transactions. Through this system, inputs can be locked to only specific transactions and verified by consensus of the Masternode network. Conflicting transactions and blocks are rejected. If a consensus cannot be reached, validation of the transaction occurs through standard block confirmation. InstantX purportedly solves the double-spending problem without the longer confirmation times of other cryptocurriencies such as Bitcoin.[7]

I've same task for BitSend.





    Standalone CPU Miner:

        Source: https://github.com/elmad/darkcoin-cpuminer-1.3-avx-aes  (Faster if you have the AES-NI instruction set)

        Windows 1.2 avx-aes: http://dash.org/downloads/darkcoin-minerd-1.2c.zip


    Standalone GPU Miner:

        phm’s bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=475795.0;all


     Info The Value for a Paperwallet:

name, networkVersion, privateKeyPrefix, WIF_Start, CWIF_Start, donate
 ("BitSend",  0x66, 0xcc, "7",    "X"    , "i7RDkQoKYNjGkVWe4zkZeKZN7PGZVjfzdX")





BitSend Finance Report


(We'll create every year a new Report. This is for a better transrapence and security for your investment.) 


Giveawy's next 3 Years



Stage 1 [2015] -closed-  

Stage 2 [2016] 100 K BSD start in march 2016

Stage 3 [2017] 100 K BSD


Bitsend Buywall


We guarantee the minimum value.


History Sheet BTC

20 SAT 12/2014

100 SAT 01/2015

100 SAT 02/2015

125 SAT 03/2015

125 SAT 04/2015

300 SAT 05/2015

300 SAT 06/2015

500 SAT 07/2015

600 - 750 SAT 08/2015

400 - 500 SAT 09/2015

300 - 500 SAT 10/2015

300 - 500 SAT 11/2015

250 - 300 SAT 12/2015

100 - 100 SAT 01/2016

100 - 200 SAT 02-2016

200 - 300 SAT 03-2016



Release Notes

BitSend use the originally Blockchain technology from Bitcoin. BitSend used  source code from Bitcoin, Dash, Dodgecoin, Franko, Megacoin, Digibyte and Source Code writed from Dev "Limx Dev" ( Christian K. Germany)

Edited by BitSend

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