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Good Day!


I'm Nicole, official representative of PayCo. PayCo is a fast growing company with a fast growing number of secured, happy, and contented clients, merchants, and account holders. We are an online payment system that provides a unique, flexible, and secured way of sending and receiving money online. With thousands of clients signing up everyday, we receive mostly great feedback from them. If you are interested in joining our secure community and enjoy the benefits that our members experience, sign up for a PayCo account today!


Our main features include:

-Fast and secure online money transfers in just a second

-No amount limits

-From 0.01$ up to 10000$

-Different currencies incl. USD, EUR, GBP, IDR, RUR, MYR, NGN

-Sending money to e-mails (no pre-registration of beneficiary required)

-Online support 24/5 by mail and chat

-Online business merchants are welcomed

-Available in most of World countries

-The lowest fees on the market

-Affiliate program with 50% from every transfer of referred client

-Card processing for merchants

-Deposit and withdraw options using a credit/debit card

-Our system now accepts CUP payments!


And as a sign of our appreciation for choosing us as payment system we are offering $5 as a bonus for new accounts! Visit our website and register at Want to know more? Send your inquiries to We'd be more than happy to answer your questions!

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Don't have enough PayCo credits in your PayCo account to make your purchase or to send someone money? You can use any of our accredited exchangers to fund your PayCo account balance. Check them out here: Official Exchangers Visit our website to learn more!

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Noticed the changes on the website? We have recently updated our website interface to make is even easier to use your PayCo account! What's more? PayCo now offers a 0% transfer fee! Register for an account to learn more!

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PayCo aims to make your online transactions easier, faster and more accessible any time, anywhere! And now with a 0% transfer fee? Using your PayCo account just keeps getting better and better! Sign up now and get the $5 bonus!

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Do you know that PayCo allows customers to process and make payments using CUP (China UnionPay)?! And if you sign up now you can get a $5 bonus! Visit our website to learn more!

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Security is one of PayCo's topmost priorities that's why we request our customers to go through the Verification procedure.

Here's a few reminders when you Verify your account with us:

Valid documents include:
1.    Passport
2.    Government ID Card
3.    Driver's License
4.    Permanent Residency Card
5.     Working/Student/Residency Visa
6.    Address Verification Document

•The document must be clearly visible and free from any markings.
•Documents must have your photo for identification.
•Documents should be high resolution for easier verification.
•Documents must match the name and address of the account holder on the account.
•Documents must have the corresponding signatures of the account holder and issuer.
•Uploads must show both sides of the document.
•Document must not be expired to be deemed valid.
•Document must not be altered or modified without proper certification from issuer.
•Uploads must at least be, but not limited to, two different and valid identification documents.

Our LiveChat facility is always available and you can send us a message through our Contact Us page. Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns.

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Did you know that PayCo gives customers a list of Withdrawal options?

Customers can withdraw through the following facilities:
-Accredited Exchangers
-CUP (China UnionPay)
-Local Bank Transfer
-PayCo Card

Have questions? Send us an email or chat with us through our LiveChat facility on our website!

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Did you miss out Bitcoin?  Exchange your Bitcoin with Swiscoin. Swiscoin new digital currency. Golden chance to become millionaire. Amazing investment opportunity.As on today so many financial institutes are working with bitcoin, they are starting work with swiscoin also, some companies are coming to use swiscoin open source, and developing them own payment systems with swiscoin.You can withdraw cash through Perfect Money, Skrill, Bank Wire and through Bitcoin.


How to join

1.Sign Up Free

2.Activate Account with $20

3.Upgrade Account With Any Package: $100, $1000, $3000, $5000 & 11000$

E-CURRENCY PAYMENT DETAIL >> Bitcoin/Perfect Money/Skrill

Beginner ($100) – 1000 tokens

Seller ($500) – 5000 tokens

Pro Seller ($1000) – 10,000 tokens

Express Seller ($3000) – 35,000 tokens

Platinum Seller ($5000) – 70,000 tokens

Premium Seller ($11,000) – 150,000 tokens

1.Direct bonus - 10% 

2.Binary bonus -10% 

3.Level bonus

Level 1 bonus - 10%

Level 2 bonus - 10%

Level 3 bonus - 20%

Level 4 bonus - 20%

Level 5 bonus - 25%

Level 6 bonus - 25%

Affiliates convert these tokens into SwisCoins, with the value of SwisCoin pegged to the rate of new investment flowing into the company.

At the time of publication, there doesn’t appear to be any way to convert SwisCoins or SwisCoin tokens into cash. Address swiscoin

Introduction Swiscoin




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Comparing rates or simply just want to know our transaction fees? You can visit this link to see how we match up with other payment processors:

Register now and get a $5 bonus!

Have questions? Feel free to send us a message through our Contact Us page!

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Aside from withdrawals to local bank account, CUP (China UnionPay) and our partner exchangers our customers can also apply for our PayCo card!

The PayCo card allows you to access your PayCo funds anytime, anywhere!

Click here to find out more:

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PayCo offers a wide array of perks for account holders. One of them is our Affiliate Program which allows you to earn a 50% commission on the transaction fee received by PayCo.

Earn more when you refer other members to our website!

If you want to learn more kindly check our website here:

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