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[ANN] Coin of View - 300 Top Coins - Data & Charts, including their Blockchain, for the 300 most valuable coins - Project in Crowdfunding phase

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These and many other questions can only get answers from the analysis of their Blockchains... and that is our main objective: to contribute to the community with data and charts of the top 300 coins from the analysis of their respective Blockchains.

Coin of View provide all the information we can extract from the Blockchains, but we are not going to limit "only" that. Since Exchanges and Markets to Faucets through some analysis of the source code, active peers, comparative RPC APIs, data mining... the challenge is to aggregate the information to view properly, and not overwhelm with so much data!

We love cryptocoins, as users, as miners, as developers and traders, as well as administrators and fans to the economy... so we decided to create a website that would be useful for all user profiles. We want to get as much as possible of people, not just professionals, so the web will contain very didactic and understandable explanations of the origin of all data. We also intend to translate the web as many languages as possible.

We have already exceeded 300 coins in our platform, including Bitcoin and its forks, but also other families like NXT (and its forks), CryptoNote (Bytecoin, Monero ...), Ethereum and some more.

We invite you to visit the following website where you will find information from all "our" coins. You can see different tabs with updated information: Markets, Blockchain, Network, Mining Devel, Features and Links. This table is only a sample of the currencies in which we are working. It does not contain all the information we have, but an important part of it for you to see what is the project advance. Notice that the table allows sorting by clicking on the title of the columns. You can search and select the number of rows displayed in the table, sort by currencies families...


The project is under Crowdfunding because we need money for servers. We invite you to visit the project page in StartJoin for more information and see the rewards we offer.


We encourage you to participate in the crowdfunding campaign and benefit from the rewards program. But, of course, we also accept donations... in 262 coins!


We hope that you like the project and do not hesitate to ask your questions!




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please add Orbitcoin :)

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