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Hobonickels and Stake

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I have a question about staking for HBN.

The minimum/maximum coin days for staking are 10/30 as I read in the forum and in code.


I have a lot of coins with ages over 30 Days, many over 300 days.

Does this mean those coins will not stake because they are way over the maximum age?


I will NEVER ask for any kind of funds up front in a buy/sale of anything on cryptocointalk.


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No, the coins will eventually stake.  coin-age is a weight.  The more time passes, the more weight it gains (You can check coin control to see this in action).  Before 10 days, the coin-age is not enough for the block to have permission to stake. After 10 days, the coin-age still grows but now it satisfies the minimum weight to have a chance to compete for the stake.  The coin-age will grow until day 30, after 30 days, the weight is MAXED out for that specific block. So in other words, the coin-age won't grow anymore.  


So to answer your question, the coins will stake, but since it's a matter of competition, there is a bit of luck for when you will actually see the stake happen.  


The smaller the block, the longer it will usually take since the coin-age is (and I don't remember the exact formula) based on block size * time.

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