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Preparing HBN v1.4

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Thank you for the awesome wallet.


Have you seen the new feature of the blackcoin wallet that estimates stake times in the gui?



+1 for that, it is a cool feature :)

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Me too:) Think about it Tranz

Its just about done. But the way he implemented it was not correct. I fixed most of it. But need to tweak it a bit more for mulit-wallets.

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Added PoS Staking information to Wallet




Still needs more tweaking as it assumes all your blocks are one. So 1 block of 80 is treated the sames as 80 blocks of 1. But 1 block of 80 will stake before any single block of 1 out of 80 does.


I'll keep this in mind for future adjustments, but I like it, so here it is.



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I think I will change from my SSH to the GUI... This news features are bloody awesome !

As usual, thank you again Tranz for taking care of this amazing coin !

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I'm just getting warmed up!


The new icon on the gui does slow down sync up time a bit.  I'll see if I can continue to improve it.


For tonight:





Added Weight to Coin Control (see below)

Cleaned up Coin Control Code

Made updateStakingIcon code more efficient

Created new quick and dirty function getStakeWeightFromValue

Made check/repairwallet more efficient.



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Version is now complete



Added Export/Import to GUI (see below)

Added new icons (see below)

Moved dumpwallet/importwallet from rpcdump to walletdb

Moved rpcdump helper functions to util




Since we are half way to 1.4(still lots of cool stuff coming) I thought I would release a beta version of this for you guys.


Please report any bugs you may find. Password for .zip is beta





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