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"Whitelisted by Gridcoin" Button for BOINC project sites!

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I've created a button for whitelisted BOINC projects to add to their websites.

Projects that add this icon to their website show their support for Gridcoin.


Here are some of the current examples:





If anyone has better ideas for a better button, please do post! :)


Once we decide on a good button, we should try to get all whitelisted BOINC projects to add this to their site.

This will provide continuous advertising for Gridcoin.



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I love the button! And think it's a great idea. My only suggestions would be to increase the padding a little more so the edges aren't so close to the coin logo and text. And maybe a more 3d-ish effect around it. The 2 liner def looks better.


Maybe "GridCoin Whitelisted", instead? I dunno, thoughts? Even "Whitelisted on GridCoin", instead of "by", could work.


I think we really should try to get this spread out to the projects as soon as possible, it really is a wonderful idea! :D

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Great buttons!


How do we approach the Boinc project admins about button placement? Maybe we can ask boincstats to add this button on their site as well.

We could maybe enquire with boincstats about getting a gridcoin icon (40x40 size) put beside each whitelisted BOINC project in the side bar when we next advertise there..


In the mean time for each individual BOINC project, we should make a checklist and go through attempted communications with each (some we can email/tweet, most we will need to post to the message boards).

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