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Can I run hobonickelsd and specify a different location for data?

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I'm running the HBN daemon in unix. I'd like to keep all or part of .HoboNickels data folder on a separate drive.  I tried using the command line option, -datadir=hdd/.HoboNickels but the daemon apparently still looks for data in the default location. How might I keep the large data files on a different drive?

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Hi, I  just figured it out.  In case someone else wants to do this, create a folder called .HoboNickels in your home directory.  Copy HoboNickels.conf into it. Nothing else.


Start the daemon like this:

  hobonickelsd -datadir=<path to your data folder>


fyi I'm running the wallet  on a Radxa  Rock Pro sbc under Debian. Although its new, i am quite pleased with the board and its capabilites so far. it has 2gb of ram and 8gb of flash on which resides the wallet and OS. The large blockchain data files live on a separate usb hard drive that was easy to implement on the Rock. There is a huge performance increase over my little Raspberry pi which started out fine, but ground to a halt under HBN's demands for resources after a couple months. 

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