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Hi folks, I'm posting an update here since last post was from decemeber last year.

So yes, I tried to work with them but so far, I am not too much convinced about their work.

To my taste, things are still being a bit messy overthere at HolyTransaction.


This is what are the main points.

1) It's a coin reseller and not an exchange, so they take a commission on the exchange they get.

2) They operate a multiwallet-app for smartphones and via classic browser.


This is my experience so far:


1) Inbound transactions work fine. Sadly, the website misses the option to export a transaction table into .XLS / .ODS or similar. So if you have to keep track, enjoy doing so manually.

2) Exchanges from BTC to GRC seems to work only when they have enough GRC in their basket... otherwise you get an error like double-oh-derp has mentioned in #14. I've had this too.

(Maybe they have fixed it now, but I'm not sure since I'm not giving it another try unless, my ISSUE is fixed... read point3 below)

3) Out of 3 outbound transaction from my HT-wallets, the first transaction actually was properly executed. The second transaction resulted in a failed status, and the 3 transaction is stuck in a kind of "Order taken" status since a bit more than 2 weeks. So obviously, as much as I admit loving the concept, I must say I am NOT AMUSED about their achievements so far.

4) Their support desk runs via Zendesk which doesn't seem to that much of a brilliant choice either. Afaiac, support worked for the first ticket I've pulled, but it didn't solve the problem. Pulling a second ticket seems impossible: I mailed twice for them to check on my HT-UUID without any reply, and I contacted them via FB where they asked my ticket number... but hey, I did not get(!) any ticket number so I replied exactly that... and got no more answer at all.

In the end, beside them owing me 10k+ in GRC... it looks like they still need to do some major improvements. Sadly, as of march 19th 2016, I cannot really recommend them that much yet. I am still in trial mode with them but I really hope other people are having a way better experience than me, because otherwise, they won't be around for very long.


It really is a nice all-in-one multiwallet application, but what does it serve if outbound transactions fail? Nothing. Them sitting on your digital currency for the time being.

I like HT but they need to do a way better job.

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