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[2014-02-03 10:17:05] Accepted 3f3823ed Diff 346/128 GPU 2
[2014-02-03 10:17:08] Accepted 6555875a Diff 173/128 GPU 2
[2014-02-03 10:17:10] Found block for pool 0!
[2014-02-03 10:17:10] Accepted ac5546b4 Diff 24.5K/128 BLOCK! GPU 2
[2014-02-03 10:17:14] Accepted 52472c09 Diff 200/128 GPU 3



The pool finds blocks, and on a purse is enlisted nothing!




The problem is solved! The pool works normally!

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Hi There Blade RULEZ!!!!!!



I'll setup a node for that coin ;)



Developer of CCP Commercial Coins:

PIC - PizzaCoin # HAC - HamburgerCoin # HDC - HotDogCoin # TEL - PhoneCoin # BEER - BeerCoin # LADY - LadyCoin # MIC - MusicCoin # CIC - CinemaCoin # VDC - VodkaCoin # 

COLA - ColaCoin # SHOP - ShopCoin # IND - IndustryCoin # PAS - PastaCoin # OIL - OilCoin # TEU - ContainerCoin # FISH - FishCoin # WWW - InternetCoin # BIZ - BusinessCoin # 

PIG - PigCoin # PARTY - PartyCoin # SOFT - SoftwareCoin # HOME - HomeCoin # HOTEL - HotelCoin # LAT - LatinoCoin # AERO - PlaneCoin # ALU - AluminiumCoin # CU - CopperCoin ...


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Please unless you know how to set up a pool for a coin that retargets every block and will have proof of stake , do not set up a pool.


I don't want to see people discouraged from mining over things like this.


Someone is mining and hitting blocks I only hit one block in quite a while.

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To answer the last 2 questions.


There is no active pool , bounties available for the first three pools.


The proof of stake is outlined at the top of this main thread.


Let's just say the proof of stake will be more than it is on most coins.


You can check the source code yourself.


The people mining now getting the special 2019 coins per block award should be in great shape.

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2 blade pools available, thanks a lot !


Would be good to hear some feedback on how some of you are doing either solo mining or in the pools ?


Pool bounties can be paid by the weekiend once confirmed working ok for everyone.


Difficulty is rising !


Less than 1000 block until the reward drops from 2019 tokens to 19 tokens per block


Get in on the action now.


The movie Blade Runner never did well at the box office but gradually over time it became a cult classic and is considered by many one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time.


Although filed in the early 80's Blade Runner is more popular today than ever.


Expect this coin to follow a similar path.



Please, add pool in topic: http://bla.pool-a.net



Pool TESTED! The meaning goes...


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