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Blade is a proof of work/proof of stake hybrid for the future! The proof of work portion of coin distribution will be fast and end in a total of 28 days. Proof of stake will take over as the main protocol at that time ensuring the network can run forever. This is similar to Mint's POW to POS distribution model. The stake is a more generous version of Hobo. Blade is currently on the exchange Xnigma.com and we are looking to get it added to more. Please vote for blade! The more miners that mine blade early the better distribution there will be. Make sure to get in before the POW coins are all mined out. Giveaways are hosted in the various trollboxes throughout the crypto community for now and Twitter in the near future. I am currently seeking more exposure for Blade. If you would like to create a reddit, facebook, or other social media please PM me! Faucets are also needed at this point in time.

Blades will be used in the future to fund bladerunners hunting down rogue replicants on earth. Seeing as we should all be humans on earth, mining some Blade now while you can is a must. POS will ensure you have a size-able account to properly fund the future bladerunners in their mission by the year 2019.

Block Crawler / Explorer

You can contact me here on cryptocoin talk in this forum or on twitter at @bladecoin_
Unofficial contact [email protected]


  • Scrypt 1024.
  • 5 minute block times.
  • Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.
  • There are 2019 tokens awarded per block.
  • The stake is set at 10 days minimum coin age and 30 days full weight 100% return/year
  • Coins take 6 confirms to send and 120 to spend after mining.
  • The difficulty retargets after each block to give everybody a chance to enjoy it.
  • Starting difficulty .2 not zero so no easy mining just because you hop on quick.
  • 16,305,444 Proof of Work Coins Are Coded to be produced, but a few extra coins got mined !
  • The proof of stake settings will make sure the network can run forever.


None Available.



https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8rWObF4xz1YX2FTaVZzR2hIbHM/edit?usp=sharing  (not latest build)
(not latest build) 
Source Code

Sample blade.conf



  • RPC Port: 45557
  • P2P Port: 45555


None Available. POW has ended.





None Available.

None Available.






(edited) all bounties were paid - the bounties exceeded the 10 block premine of the coin

Since the proof of work phase is over all bounties are considered paid.

Edited by blade
updated link to merged github from tree to master

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I sent you some ! Going to start a giveaway thread !

Am mining this. Loved the original Bladerunner movie. Yet to find a block, but the difficulty is pretty high for a new coin.



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The rpc port is the one used in your conf file to solomine.


The p2p port is the one the coin network uses to communicate over the web.


Whats the difference between RPC port and P2P port?

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Bad cryptocoin ? The pool doesn't find the block!


 [2014-02-03 02:03:17] Network diff set to 61.8K
 [2014-02-03 02:03:17] New block detected on network
 [2014-02-03 02:05:16] Network diff set to 63.9K
 [2014-02-03 02:05:16] New block detected on network
 [2014-02-03 02:09:14] Network diff set to 64.3K
 [2014-02-03 02:09:14] New block detected on network
 [2014-02-03 02:12:14] Network diff set to 65.6K
 [2014-02-03 02:12:14] New block detected on network


I found the first block in 30 minutes on 3 mh!

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First thank you for trying to set up a pool but this coin has VARDIFF each block so that may have been the problem.


Also the coin has not forked it is at block 230 right now and the starting difficulty was slightly higher than zero unlike most coins start out at to prevent people from 'romping away' out of the gate.


Thanks to all who are mining. This coin was not made from a cookie cutter website like many other coins out there. If the difficulty is too high for your taste or you don't like the coin there are many others to mine.


The reward system of going from 2019 per block to 19 per block with the block spacing gives everyone about a week to reap the benefits of mining Blade early.

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if any film should ever have a coin this is the one.  Best of luck.

I am mining solo with my 70K/hs hoping to get lucky.



Currently I have not detected a new block. Checkpoints too old.  Any one else?  Please advise.

"blocks" : 231,
"currentblocksize" : 1000,
"currentblocktx" : 0,
"difficulty" : 1.20249913,
"errors" : "WARNING: Checkpoint is too old. Redownload Blockchain. If warning persist contact the Development Team",
"generate" : false,
"genproclimit" : -1,
"hashespersec" : 0,
"pooledtx" : 0,
"testnet" : false

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