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[ANN][SLOTH] Slothcoin 1.3.1 build 3 AKA 300K fork

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With the release of version 1.3.1 build 3, Slothcoin became a community driven project. In a true Open Source fashion a team of volunatary contributers stepped in to continue the work of the original Slothcoin creator Thimo. The major changes will kick in automaticly from block 300K onwards.

For the community build Slothcoin to go on way into the future it is needed that most peers switch to version 1.3.1 build 3 before the first week of october 2015. Around the time when block 300K will be found, and the changes kick in. In line with a certain SF movie cycle the previous Sloth has been named Sloda and his offspring Sluke.

About Slothcoin (SLOTH):

  • SHA-3 keccak encryption algorithm
  • POW mining until 2021
  • By 2021 there will be 92 billion SLOTH
  • Difficulty retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well
  • DIGI shield
  • Retargeting every block, from 300K++
  • 150 second blocktime
  • 120 block maturity
  • 5 block transaction confirmation
  • Changed reward system from block 300K++
  • Port: 5107

Reward system:

Orginal rewards up to block 299999

  • 5 * 50000000
  • 96 * 10000
  • 99899 * 500000
  • 100000 * 250000
  • 100000 * 125000

Kicking in from block 300K++:

  • 100 * 1000000
  • 200 * 500000
  • 400 * 250000
  • 800 * 125000
  • 1600 * 62500
  • 1000 * 31250
  • 500 * 10000
  • 220 * 5000

And then until year 2021:

  • 924765 * 4321

Somewhere in 2021:

  • 802 * 1

Downloads new Slothcoin:

Sourcecode: https://github.com/oldambtster/Slothcoin

Ubuntu 14.04 X64 build Binaries.
QT-Wallet & deamon: The Box

QT-Wallet: MEGA Cloud

QT-Wallet: MEGA Cloud

Special thanks to Bumbacoin / PineApple for MacX & WinX Qt-Wallet builds

Mining SHA3 keccak:

  • CPU mining can be done with build in miner, or minerD.
  • OpenCL GPU mining can be done with BFGminer --keccak build, CGminer, using --keccak switch, or with SGminer, using algo 'maxcoin'
  • Nvidia GPU mining can be done with CUDAminer




Trading SLOTH:



Social Media:

NOTE: Always make back-ups of your current Wallet, on different media, before updating. This software comes with absolutely no warranty. As is with al crypto coin software, use at own free choice, free will and own responsibility. 

Thanks to the original creator of Slothcoin, Thimo, for making this coin, to the Slothcoin community for all feedback and support, to Mr. Floppy at Cryptopia Forum and Bumbacoin / PineApple for compiling MacX / WinX builds.

The new home for Slothcoin is at www.slick.cf

May the SLOTH be with you and remember to use the fork!
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Pool in sync and workin'...


Not get your Slothcoin version  1.3.1 build 3 so you can enjoy the new reward system, starting block 300.000. Together with the difficulty change every block and POW until 2021, this should make the Sloth go for Proxima Centauri!

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We are at mark 290K, less than 10.000 blocks away from the magic blocknumber 300.000 for Slothcoin 1.3.1 build 3. If you haven't moved to the community fork yet, then it is about time to do so. Or you might find yourself on the wrong blockchain after block 300K kicks.

The original creator of Slothcoin, Thimo, moved on to another project called MAPCOIN. So a few community members started to create a fork. With this fork Slothcoin could go all the way to Proxima Centauri. That would be in the year 2021. 

To make the changes obvious, a young Sloth was introduced with the fork, he's called Sluke and he's guided by the wise Sloth, of version 1.3.0, called Sloda. (Yes, there is almost a storyline there...) And yes, it hints towards a certain SF movie cyclus.   wink.gif

There are WinX (all windows OS versions) builds, MacX builds (OS 10.x) and GNU-Linux X64 builds (Ubuntu based). But the GNU-Linux based deamon / QT gui users will probably compile it themselves from the GitHub source.

Contact has been made with essential sites, for Slothcoin, like Multifaucet and Cryptopia. As it would be good to have them supporting the fork. Still way before block 300K kicks in. While allready a Pool makes sure that the Slothcoin 1.3.1 build 3 blockchain gains momentum. So the blockchain could get stable on the fork very fast after block 300.000 has been mined.

POW mining will go on until 2021 with the new version. And also the difficulty will change from 2 to every block.

So, keep the Sloth going and use the fork!  cheesy.gif

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Multifaucet updated to Slothcoin 1.3.1 build 3!


Great news on the day the Slothcoin blockchain is passing a critical fase!


So get your SLOTH on! 




We're on our way to Proxima Centauri, use the fork and may the Sloth be with you!

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We are within 10 hours removed from the 300K block of Slothcoin!

If you haven't moved to version 1.3.1 build 3, it is about time to do so now!

Hundred times one million are waiting for the miners who throw their hashes at the new version, starting block 300.000, and then some more after that, way into the year 2021.

Use the fork and may the Sloth be with you!

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Today I noticed a real classic version 1.2.1 of Slothcoin in the network. Better update that one before it is too late. smiley-wink.gif


The latest version of Slothcoin, v1.3.1b3, can be downloaded here:


Keep the wallet and the .conf file if you do, of course, but it might be needed to delete the old blockchain files and then let it get up to date again. Will take a while, but enough peers in the network to make it update fast.


Sloth all the way!

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 Keep Calm and Always Use CoinMiners! SlothCoin has been added and ready in our pool!  
You can use market wallet address for mining!

5% Fee
Register-free Mining & Auto Payments
Server located at Canada

CoinMiners Community Discord : https://discord.gg/VJ8nCmP


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