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Dear friends!

1.5 years ago, on the first day of spring, we have launched our Exchange LiveCoin.net. During this time we have done a lot to build better service for you. We won’t claim that we are the best, the coolest and other nonsense. That is not true. There are some older exchanges, which, perhaps, for someone are much better. We can only say that we have a strong and experienced IT team, great financial power and the most serious intentions to become one of the leaders among altcoins cryptoexchanges. Let us introduce our benefits briefly:

-   Easy registration, no verification required;
-   Easy to use, intuitive and powerful interface;
-   Flexible trading fee, which depends on the trading volume;
-   Different types of orders: Market, Limit, Pending;
-   Low fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds, a wide choice of payment systems;
-   Modern 2–level account security system: 2-factor authentification, white list of IP-addresses, pluggable e-mail and sms notification;
-   The Game;
-   Friendly and fast support;
-   Profitable affiliate program, that allows you to choose interest rate.

Over 50 markets are available for trading currently. The list of available cryptos is expanding permanently.

Please find the list of currencies and fees following this link. We're happy for new clients and ready to improve our trading platform by clients' demands.

E-mail: support @ livecoin.net
ICQ: 668931696
Feedback forms: Livecoin.net/contacts
Registration: Livecoin.net/site/registration


Stay tuned! Stay with LiveCoin!

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Deposit fee change B)

Dear customers, we have reduced deposit fee for BTC-E codes. The latest fees are following: USD - 3%, EUR & RUR - 5%. All current fees can be seen here.

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Dear friends, we significantly improved our Exchange since launching and we would like to tell you about those changes.

We have changed API section by adding descriptions, examples of requests, interpretation of mistakes etc. We also added useful options, such as receiving information for all pairs by one request.
You can place your order by clicking "Enter" button. Now the type of order (buy or sell) which displayed in trading history is determined by the type of closed order in deal.

We improved the security system. You can see new version at your personal account here. It has two levels: basic and advanced. You can attach phone number to your account and receive sms and email notifications about all transactions. You can turn on the notifications here. All security operations, email and password changing, funds withdrawal have to be signed with a PIN and code which you receive via email. We hope, that you will appreciate these changes.

We launched referral program. You can get your reward by inviting friends and traders on our Exchange. But the most interesting part is the interest rate - you're the only one who determine the rate of reward. Please read the details of referral program here, or inside your account https://www.livecoin.net/profile/referral

Also, every trader can be a market-maker at our exchange. We significantly updated fees and bonus rates. You can earn with every order by providing liquidity for the Exchange. For more detail follow the link https://www.livecoin.net/fees


We updated the interface of deposit and withdrawal funds. So now you can see amount of fees and the sums directly in the payment request form. Details of fees for deposit and withdrawal can be found here https://www.livecoin.net/fees


In "balance" section we added data about average price changing, and links for quick movement to the specific trading pair (click on the specific currency symbol).

Another good news for you is that our partner, payment system Capitalist released a card Capitalist Prepaid Visa with favorable fees. The card and its delivery is free. Fees for deposit - $0.99 per transaction, withdrawal - $1.99 per transaction. For more detail about the card please visit the news section in Capitalist or merely go to the main page https://capitalist.net/ I'd like to remind you that we have 0% fees for Capitalist transfers from and to our Exchange.

New trading pairs and deposit fees changing

As you ask, we also added the following trading pairs:
EMC/USD; EMC/BTC; DASH/USD; DASH/BTC; DASH/RUB. Pay attention that pair DASH/RUR is not available on other exchanges.
We reduced fees for depositing by BTC-e vouchers. Current rates: USD - 3%, EUR and RUB - 5%. For all current rates follow the link https://www.livecoin.net/fees

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Dear friends! Yesterday, we significantly updated our exchange for you. The update includes a lot of improvements and changes in following:

- New trading pairs: DOGE/USD and DOGE/BTC
- DASH coin has a correct name now, it is not DRK anymore.
- Banners, which you can place on your site for promotion were added in 2 languages: Russian and English.
- Payeer payment system is available again, but please, pay your attention that fee is 5,5%.
- Small interface improvements were made.

We hope that your work with our exchange is going to be more comfortable with these changes.

Have a good trading and nice weekend!

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We're glad to inform about new feature for sorting your orders, you can find it in "My orders" section https://www.livecoin.net/trade/myOrders. Now you can easily manage your orders (including cancellation) by using this option. Sort your orders by their status: open, closed and partially closed.

Have good trading and great week!

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Dear friends, we have small update on our exchange.

1. Time frames sorting in the Analytics section has been improved.
2. Open order price now available in "My orders" section. Now you can find the initial price of order and the actual one in case of limit order with price outside of spread.

Have a successful week and good trading!  B)

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Dear customers, we're happy to announce significant update of our exchange:

1. New coins were added: Peercoin, Namecoin, MonaCoin. Which means that new trading pairs were added too: PPC/BTC, NMC/BTC, MONA/BTC.

2. From now on you can deposit your funds through Sofort payment system.

3. Bank transfers are available now with 2-level verification.

4. Some minor visual improvements were implemented. Analytics section has been updated too.

If you have not seen our latest news, we remind you that banners for referral program were added, you can download them by this link. If someone needs signature code for forum, please contact me. Thanks for staying with us! Much more updates soon! Happy trading to you.

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Exchange News

Dear customers, we released a big update today. Major changes are as follows:
- Process of optimization and acceleration of the exchange has been performed.
- Now you can get the list of IP-adresses from which all the successful login attempts in your account have been carried out. Please visit security section.
- By popular demand, duration of the session has been increased. Hence don't forget to log out from the exchange in case of long absent.
- We added new coin - SIBCoin, with trading pair SIB/BTC

We hope these changes will make your business at Livecoin more convenient and profitable. Have a good trading and nice weekend!  

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New trading pair

Dear customers, we have added new trading pair with Transfercoin: TX/BTC.

Wishing you good trading!  8)

Proposal for altcoin owners/developers/officials

We're ready to add new coins to our exchange subject to some conditions. If you're interested in this, please contact me for details via support@livecoin.net or PM at forum.

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Livecoin news

New trading pair

Dear customers, we have added new trading pair with Rubies: RBIES/BTC
More details about this coin can be found following this link.
Wishing you good trading!

Change in settings of session duration

Dear users, kindly pay attention to the change in settings of session duration on our Exchange.

Now, on the login page, you may see the "remember me" button. If this box is not checked, the session will last 30 minutes.
In the "Security" section you may set the session duration, which will operate with "Remember me" box checked. Session settings can be changed to the following periods: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours and 48 hours.

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Hello dear coin developers!

We have made a pool of coins to be added at our exchange for the next month,  in connection with this new applications are temporarily not being accepted, we will continue applications acceptance after the end of the period mentioned above, which will be reported via all communication lines.

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Dear clients, today we have uploaded an update that includes the following improvements:

1. An adjustment of the displayed pairs is now available on the trading page. You may create a list of only those currency pairs that you need to be displayed and remove all the unnecessary ones. At any time you may switch to the full list of currency pairs. This setting is constant,  your coins list will remain after leaving the exchange.

2. Orders on the trading page are displayed for the selected (currently active) pair only. Most our users prefer  to view orders  with this particular filter applied, so we have fulfilled the wish of the majority.

3. On the "Trade History" page filters by pair, transaction type and date have been added.  And also meeting the demands of our  European and American clients who provide accounts on their trade activity at the exchange to tax authorities, we have added an option to export data on transactions from transaction history in the following formats: CSV, XLS, PDF.

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