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P2Pool Source Code Support

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This support thread is for discussion of the source code and setup of P2Pool for the following coins:




Please use this thread for questions on setting up your own node and to make change suggestions. I am hoping that other P2Pool ops can help out new people wanting to set up their own. I will do my best to answer questions as time permits.

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New Craftcoin coin specs uploaded to GitHub.


Use AFTER block 32000 and with wallet >=!

Please delete your craftcoin data folder (p2pool/data/craftcoin) before using these new specs.



5 minute blocks to 1 minute blocks
10 coins per block to 2 coins per block
Changed SHARE_PERIOD to allow for more shares.
SPREAD changed according to the new block time.
IDENTIFIER/PREFIX changed to only connect pools with the new spec.

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New p2pool code will be updated on GitHub in the next 24 hours for Digitalcoin, Worldcoin, Craftcoin, Casinocoin, Anoncoin and Globalcoin.


SHARE_PERIOD changing to 10 second target

  • Additional shares for a higher chance of obtaining a share
  • Lower p2pool share diff


  • Longer length of time to allow for finding of a share and for those shares to be valid
  • Amount of time to full payout increased but so does the time you continue to receive payment after you stop mining.

Please delete your data folder (p2pool/data/) before using the new specs.

These changes were carefully considered to allow a fair distribution of shares to miners of various hash rates. Due to the current chain length it is difficult for some miners to find a share (be included in the payment of blocks) as the p2pool hash rate increases.

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А когда начинают платить за работу?

А то три дня поработал.

А сейчас даже в статистике себя не нахожу. Уже четвёртый день пошёл. А было написано в течении шести часов начинают заходить какие то монеты?

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Ah, DOGE... The doge p2pool had a bunch of nodes that did not update their coin daemon to the new version so they were finding and reporting blocks on the wrong chain.


Because of this and the fact that DOGE is now merge-minable I have taken down my DODGE p2pool node.

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