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Support thread for miners to help fellow miners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is P2Pool?
A: P2Pool is a decentralized mining pool that works by creating a peer-to-peer network of miner nodes. You can find more useful information at the P2Pool WiKi and Guide for P2Pool mining.

Q: How do I tune for P2Pool?
A: P2Pool has very rapid expiration of work, it is suggested you decrease your intensity by 1 from your optimal value, and [possibly] set GPU threads to 1. If you have non-p2pool backup pools it is recommended to use --failover-only since the work is effectively like a different block chain.

Q: Why is my Dead rate so high?
A: Dead rate is the amount of shares that were stale or DOA. Very high dead rates can indicate miner misconfiguration. Try lowering your intensity by 1. You can also try setting GPU threads to 1.

Q: Why does my miner report so many longpoll/stratum from pool request work restarts?
A: This is normal. It is how often P2Pool shares are generated.

Q: How does the pool fee work?
A: The fee's on P2Pools are a bit different than other pools. Any fees that a P2Pool has is probabilistic. In other words if the P2Pool has a 1% fee then 1% of the shares go to the pool not 1% of every share. The pool can have periods of bad luck in relation to the fee and get nothing at all...but it averages out over time.

Q: Why are the stats not updating?
A: Internet Explorer may not display current data after a browser refresh. Please try using Chrome instead.

Q: Can I set my own share difficulty?
A: You can set the level of difficulty sent to your miner by appending a difficulty setting to your wallet address.

To set the difficulty for your specific hash rate multiply by 0.00000116
For example, if your miner is capable of 1440 Kh/s:

1440 * 0.00000116 = 0.0016704

Example Connection String for a miner capable of 1440 Kh/s:

cgminer -o stratum+tcp://dgc.xpool.net:8810 -u DTWPTRSi9HoLh69NPd2fbDWUGHrx1nLdmk+0.0016704 -p password --scrypt

The following difficulty settings can be used as a guide:

Kh/s        Difficulty
1           +0.00000116
50          +0.000058
100         +0.000116
250         +0.00029
500         +0.00058
750         +0.00087
1000        +0.00116
1500        +0.00174
1750        +0.00203
2000        +0.00232

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Hi mojo423, Please double check that address. It does not appear to be valid:



I found your real address:  http://crc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/address/QBbPenjkQqLttwTB1k9s3agaaJqhnV2u3B

(QBbPenjkQqLttwTB1k9s3agaaJqhnV2u3B ...not QBbPenjkQqLttwTB1k9s3agaaJphnV2u3B)


Looks like you mined back around Thursday...you can see the payments in the block explorer link above. Please make sure you are using version v1.2.0.0 of the wallet. Craftcoin recently forked at block 32000.



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I had my miner running longer than that.  It was a day or two.  I saw the page showing I had about 130 coins.  I guess I was mining on the older forked version.  That may be why there were no payouts.  Thanks for looking into it.

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