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solar powered staking wallet

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Hi, I wanted to show you my current project,  a solar powered staking wallet. My goal is to derive a small income by staking a few crypto coins in a reliable stable setup that runs off my own energy resources. I built a small PV/battery electric system that runs two raspberry pi's which stake HoboNickels and Jimbucks.


A few details:

  • 60 watt 12vdc solar panel
  • Panel rotates on an axis parallel to earth's poles (i.e. it points to the north star). This allows one to point the panel at the sun throughout the day, doubling power output over fixed panels.
  • Mounting bracket is made from standard 1/2 inch iron pipe and fittings.
  • 20 amp PWM charge controller charges a flooded deep cycle lead acid battery and provides current protection. 
  • 12vdc to 5vdc buck converter powers 2 raspberry pi's and USB hard drives dedicated to hold swap files, operating system,  wallet software, and data.
  • Each Raspberry Pi runs one coin wallet daemon, HoboNickels in one, Jumbucks in the other.

A few photos 


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Update : Have ordered a stepper motor and easy driver controller. Will begin design of and programming for automatic sun tracking to be handled by a small PIC microprocessor.

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l took one raspberry pi offline. The 60 watt panel isn't enough to keep the battery charged in cloudy weather. It handles one Pi just fine though.  Have been writing the software to keep the panels pointed at the sun. Using a PIC 16F676 because I already have bare pc boards that will allow me to wire the electronics easily. Soon my Easy Driver and stepper motor will arrive and I can see if my design works as I envision.

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