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Prototanium: Pure POW Sha256, Rare (250k).

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Algorithm: SHA256D

P2P Port: 65525

RPC Port: 65535

Block Spacing: 60 seconds


Sample .conf file for mining


Note: You will have to change the 'rpcallowip' to match your network in CIDR format. It defaults to only allow connections from the localhost if nothing is configured.


You can use cpuminer to 'solo' mine directly using the getwork protocol:


minerd -a sha256d -o http://YOURIPADDRESS:65535 -u protorpc -p longrandompassword

(username and password will have to match what you configured above)


Many ASICS do not support the getwork protocol, you will either need a pool or a local stratum server.


Hope this helps a little.

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@ Paladin! I saw your avatar on Sakura Coin ages ago, and wondered if you would turn up


Prototanium otc Exchange:




There is a faucet at this second. Drop in for your 20 Free P.!


And I hope to secure a supply of Proto from Hagbard. (Tee hee . . . price has already gone up 20%)


And a development project is underway. Please feel free to help.


Mark (IndiaMikeZulu), Australia

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Did this coin/experiment die already?


I've lost all connections - anyone got some addnodes? ;)





"id" : 2,

"addr" : "",

"addrlocal" : "",

"services" : "0000000000000001",

"lastsend" : 1440356694,

"lastrecv" : 1440356695,

"bytessent" : 1154252,

"bytesrecv" : 4798414,

"conntime" : 1440351214,

"timeoffset" : -3,

"pingtime" : 0.49651000,

"version" : 70002,

"subver" : "/Prototanium:",

"inbound" : false,

"startingheight" : 76587,

"banscore" : 0,

"synced_headers" : 76599,

"synced_blocks" : 76599,

"inflight" : [


"whitelisted" : false




I only have the one connection, hope it helps. Failing that Cryptopia should have one. Can ask them.

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Thanks for that, but I still can't connect even after adding your node. I already had Cryptopias address as an addnode ( in my conf file also. I never had more than four connections anyway - so they seem to be as rare as the coin!....... :D

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Did you win? I have 3 now. Can post them if you need.


Edit: I should try be less lazy....


"id" : 1,
"addr" : "",
"addrlocal" : "",

"id" : 2,
"addr" : "",
"addrlocal" : "",

"id" : 3,
"addr" : "",
"addrlocal" : "",


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I have 1 node and I'm syncing. Didn't seem to have any issues

I have that in my conf already, as well as :







Both my doze & NIX wallets stopped sync & I've been unable to get either the qt or daemons sync'd again since. My port is open & allowed through my firewall & I've tried using "connect" instead of "addnode" on all the IP's in my conf - nada.


Think I'll mark this coin down as a lost cause....... :(

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I've not been able to sync for some time - there seems to be an issue with the wallets connecting to each other as well as to anywhere else. Sometimes they do briefly, but then they disconnect again for no reason. I can't even get wallets to connect on my own network. I'd suggest posting about it on github, but I don't think the dev is active with this coin anymore........ :(

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