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Newbie Proof Scrypt GPU Mining The Easy Way Windows 7

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Okay so you new to Crypto Currency. You have never mined before but have a gpu that you recently found can make you a fair amount of magic internet money. For someone who is not tech savvy, mining and crypto currency in general can have a very steep learning curve. Granted in this tutorial at least basic computer knowledge is needed but nothing that cant be done by just following instructions. Which I will try to make as clear as possible. This tutorial will work for mining any scrypt based coin on multiple gpu's as well as a brief overview of overclocking. Even if you do not plan on overclocking you will want to use MSI afterburner to set the gpu fan speeds to 100%. I will try to explain why you are doing each step the best I can to help you better understand why these things need to be done. I will show Litecoin specifically here but it will transfer to almost any scrypt based coin. Except YAC which can currently only be mined by cpu's. A tutorial for this may come later.

Introduction to mining:

Mining is the process of generating or minting new coins. Coins are minted in blocks. A block is a set number of coins. For litecoin this started out as 50 and halves after 840,000 blocks ( currently 25 ) Reaching zero with a total of 84 Million coins produced.

Users compete to find the blocks of coins by searching for a 32 digit number. This number is random. The first person to solve the block gets the coins. The more people who are mining or the more power going into mining litecoin the more difficult the mining gets. This is measured as of course the difficulty. This is a very effective way of limiting inflation producing coins at a predictable rate. Originally bitcoin was what is called solo mined. Where you alone are competing against the rest of the network to find the block first. As the network grew and some individuals harnessed more power than most, Pools came along.

A mining pool is basically a group of miners working together to find blocks. When a block is found it is divided amongst the members based on how much work they did to find the block. Pools working together can find many more blocks than yourself alone. Although you only get a small portion of each block you will receive a steady supply of coins which theoretically should gain you the same amount of coins but in a much more reliable way. The problem with solo mining is you can go very long periods of time without finding a block . If you do not have a very High hashrate you may never find one.

Hashing is the term used to describe the calculations done by a miner to find a block. They are most commonly measured in kilo hashes for scrypt or mega hashes for sha-256. Originally hashing was done with cpu power. It was soon realized that gpus or graphical processing units did a much better job than cpu's. Special mining applications were developed to take advantage of the gpu and its large, fast onboard supply of memory. Litecoin was an attempt to stop gpu mining to level the playing field against the big gpu farms. But eventually programs came out that made gpu mining possible for scrypt. Although gpu's perform 90% slower and use more power than mining sha-256 your average gpu is still 10-20 times faster than a cpu.

Asic's are Application specific integrated circuits. Basically they are computer like devices with one objective. Mine Bitcoins as fast as possible. They are extremely efficient and use much less power than gpu's and cpu's. Asic's are currently only used for mining sha-256 and are still very rare. The gpu resistance that is built into scrypt makes asic's for scrypt mining impracticale currently. They would be to expensive for the amount of hashing power they provide. although some projects are in the works to break through this barrier.

Okay enough of the introduction On with the tutorial.

You will need:
http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar50b4.exe Winrar ( or any archive tool aka )
http://mc2.xwebnetwork.com/storage/guiminer-scrypt_win32_binaries_v0.04.zip Guiminer Scrypt
https://github.com/downloads/litecoin-project/litecoin/litecoin-0.6.3c-win32-setup.exe Litecoin Wallet  Why use the wallet instead of sending directly to an exchange? 1. Security 2. Lower fees to send coins 3. wallet is necessary for solo mining
http://support.amd.com/us/Pages/AMDSupportHub.aspx Latest Graphics Driver
http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm MSI Afterburner


Install winrar

Install your graphics drivers, msi afterburner, and the litecoin wallet. At the end of install run the litecoin wallet until it no longer says out of sync. It may take a while as you are downloading the entire blockchain.

Create a File on your Desktop Called Guiminer Scrypt Extract the download to that folder.

Pool Mining:

Pool setup:

Sign Up at the pool of your choosing. Beware some pools such as notroll.in are not trustworthy. Do your research before joining a pool. The more miners at a poll the more likely they are to find blocks and the more likely you are to get paid. I recommend www.give-me-ltc.com. The site is very reliable and holds a good share of the network hashrate

After signup you will be assigned a worker. This worker is almost always username.1 and password is almost always x. Some pools do differ from this so it is best to check the worker section of the pools website if not using give-me-ltc. This worker is the sign in for your miner so the pool can keep track of your stats. If you are mining from two or more separate IP addresses you will need to create a separate worker for each IP address. It is recommended to use 1 worker per IP address no matter how many pc's/gpu's you are using.

Then go to the My Account/ Account details section. Set your auto payout amount. One is recommended. Go to your litecoin wallet and select receive coins. Copy your address and paste it into the payment address box. Every time you reach that amount of LTC it will be sent to your litecoin wallet. Enter your pin and click apply.

Finding Miner setting:

First you will need to go to the pools website under the getting started section. There it will list all the info you need to setup your miner. Some pools with have whats call stratum and long poll servers. Stratum is preferred. With stratum The pool tells your miner when to start on a new share. With longpoll you miner will ask for more work and you will lose valuble seconds working on dead work (stales).

Imagine an island divided into sections. All the miners are digging holes in one section looking for a block. When the block is found they move on to the next section. A stale share would be if you finished digging and looked up to realize everyone was already on the next section. With stratum it would tell you to move on and longpoll you would have to check yourself.

The pool will list the server as so <b>stratum+tcp://stratum.give-me-ltc.com:3334

It tells you it is a stratum server ( <b>stratum+tcp:// )</b>. The url is ( <strong>stratum.give-me-ltc.com</strong> ) and the port to use is <strong>3334</strong>. With Guiminer there is no need to input http:// for long poll or in this case stratum+tcp://. These instructions most of the time are for cgminer. Guiminer is a simplified user interface for using cgminer ( as well as reaper which is no longer developed ). Designed to make it as simple as possible.

Miner Setup:

Open up your Guiminer Scrypt folder and double click the guiminer.exe application

First off select your gpu from the drop down list. It goes by the architecture code name. AKA barts, cayman, cypress ect. Then select your model from the gpu defaults list. It will then populate the respected fields.

The only thing you will need to change is the intensity. If this is the gpu your monitor runs off of 18 will most likely make your computer unusable besides mining. Mouse lag will occur and even driver crashes if you try to do too much. Every card is different. I find 18 is for all out mining. 16 is for casual surfing although a bit slow. And 14 is for watching any videos. Your gpu may like 20 as a top end better all gpu's vary and you should test yourself to find the best ratio between performance and usability.

You will then fill in the info above like so. obviously your worker name will be different
Posted Image

That's It hit start and with any luck you will be mining!. To get confirmation You will start getting accepted shares and your hashratre will be displayed in the bottom right corner.
Posted Image

For every other gpu you will have to create a new miner. To do so go to file/ new miner/ new cg miner. Name the miner whatever you would like and set it up the same. Select a separate gpu on the devices menu and set the defaults like before.

Hit start and you are mining with that card too!

Solo Mining:

Why solo mine?

It really only makes sense to mine litecoin solo if you have a very large hashrate. Even then you are gambling in a way against a steady supply of coins from a pool. But new coins can be solo mined very effectively. If the difficulty is low it does not take much power to find a block. When new coins are released they tend to have a 0 difficulty. This leads to blocks being produced every second if not multiples per second. With that many coins being produced and the difficulty that low. A good low latency network can beat out someone with a high hashing rate but a slower network. A low hashrate can easisly acquire 20-50 blocks in the first day of a new coin. The other side is someone out there is getting thousands in that first day. you just managed to slip a few by them

What you will need:

Disable hidden file extensions. Go to control panel/ folder options/ and uncheck hide extensions for know file types.


Solo mining is slightly different. Basically you are setting up your wallet as the pool and you will be the only member. You will get the whole block if found instead of a portion of it. It is not recommended to solo mine LTC unless you have a very large hashrate.

This will work for all scrypt based coins except YAC. Just follow the instructions and change anything litecoin to the coin of your choice.


Make sure your wallet has been ran once and is completely synced. Close it. Go to start and search Run. In the run box type %appdata% click run. Navigate to the litecoin folder and create a new .txt document. Rename it Litecoin.conf. Make sure it is not Litecoin.conf.txt. Accept the warning message. Open it up and input the following data.


Save and exit back to desktop.

Open Your wallet again and make sure it sync's.

Input the data from the .conf file as so
Posted Image

Extra Flags:

-s is your scantime. It is how often in seconds you miner will look for a new block. This should be adjusted anywhere from 1 second for new coins or fast block times anywhere up to maybe 30. 1 will actually slow things down because your miner will constantly be looking for new work. But without it on fast block times you will get nothing but stales. A blank field has a default of 60. So if block are being produced once per second you will miss 60 blocks while you miner works on an old block or solves it only to find someone else did blocks ago. It's personal preference here but its all about balancing performance vs wasted time.

That is it hit start and you are solo mining!

Unlike pool mining you will get very few shares unless the coin is new. an accepted shares means you found a block! Sometimes shares can be accepted but nothing shows up in your wallet. This means you found the block but someone else already had. If you see coins show up with a question mark next to them and they disappear when you close your wallet That means you found the block first or at the same time but someone else got the required verifications before you. You would think a scantime of one second would be efficient but one second on p2p network is a long time. A lot can happen and without a fast low latency network solo mining a coin with fast block times will often result in nothing but stale shares :(

Setup extra cards just like before.


I will not go into detail about settings here.https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin/wiki/Mining-hardware-comparison This site Lists most gpu's and other users overclock/ mining settings.

Open MSi afterburner you will notice you cant achieve much of an overclock in its present state. Close afterburner. Go to c:/porgram files (x86)/ MSI afterburner Open msiafterburner.cfg with the notepad.


UnlockVoltageControl= 0
UnlockVoltageMonitoring= 0


UnofficialOverclockingEULA= 0
UnofficialOverclockingMode= 0

all to =1. Save and close. Open afterburner again. Accept the EULA saying if your card burns down your house they are not responsible. You will now see the overclocking limits greatly increased. Simply move the slider to the desired clock and select apply. No matter what you will want to ramp up you fan speed to 100% or close to it to help spread the heat. 80° is the maximum recommended temperature for AMD gpu's. That is as far as I will go you will have to find the best ratio between core clock, memclock, and temp for your card on your own or with the help of the link above.

To switch between gpu's go to settings and select the correct gpu from the drop down chart and click okay.



General troubleshooting:


This is where the console tab will prove to be very useful.

Know GUIminer bugs:

Problem: Extremely low hashrate with very slow pc.

Solution:This is a bug I deal with on a daily basis. If  I stop my miner and try to adjust the intensity when  I restart I will have about 30Kh of hashing power and my pc will lag by 2 or more seconds.

Problem: Guiminer shows on the taskbar but the window is nowhere to be found.

Solution: Another bug where the application window will get stuck off screen. Double click the icon in the ststem tray. Make sure the guimner app is on the taskbar. Press alt+space. Select move from the window and dont move your mouse. pree any arrow key. When you move your mouse again the window will be attached.


Connection Issues:

The most common issue is getting guimner to connect to a pool or solo mining. I will address pool mining here. Here is a checklist to go through when you can get a connection. Verify the host is correct. Below is what you will get from the pool as far as where to point your miner. I will show you how to decipher it.


First part: stratum+tcp://


All you need to know for this is this tells you to select yes under the stratum collumn. It will not be used anywhere

Second Part: stratum.give-me-ltc.com

This is your host. Everything after the // and before the :
Neither the // or : will be used in anywhere

Third Part: 3334

This is simply the port.

Make sure you have no spaces before or after you username, password, host, port or any spaces in the extra flags section

Double check you have the correct device selected. It will list your gpu's as well as your cpu.Your gpu will be listed under its code name. Such as barts, cypress, pitcian etc.

Verify you have selected the correct GPU from the gpu defualts list.

if all that fails you may need to forward the port on your router. Here is a great tutorial on that. http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/

if you are still having issue. Verify you have the most up to date driver from AMD from their site. Also try restarting if you have not since driver install.

Lastly if all else fails. Copy and paste your console info below as well as your system specifications and a description of the problem. I will be very active on this website :)

Solo Mining:

Verify your wallet is completely synced. If it is ppcoin, novacoin, bitgem or yac your wallet can not be encrypted while minting coins.

Verify you are using the correct port, username, and password you specified in the .conf file under rpcport=

If You still cannot connect replace with localhost No capitols no spaces.

Again if all else fails Post your console information below with a description of the problem :)





I hope this helps get some newbies off the ground and mining. If you want to send a donation ( Perhaps your first payout <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://cryptocointalk.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png" title=";)" /> ) My addresses are below. I will be around to answer any questions

Litecoin Address: Lhe1EuBUTmfmP4uzkwkuM2j3y9xoFUr7J5

Bitcoin Address: 15mJYeNuvCb9GmWoH8ByXueTMbSt3bzarJ</p>

BitGem Address: gqJg2d76vAYAByBGJv8UcXVzxWi7p9xCrv



BTG: gqJg2d76vAYAByBGJv8UcXVzxWi7p9xCrv LTC: Lhe1EuBUTmfmP4uzkwkuM2j3y9xoFUr7J5 BTC: 15mJYeNuvCb9GmWoH8ByXueTMbSt3bzarJ

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Very nice and fool proof guide !


If you're a total noob and have a friend who's savvy, I can also recomment to simply install cgminer and give your friend acces to your PC through TeamViewer ( free remote acces software ) and ask him to setup CGminer for you. He'll make a .bat file with all the neccesary settings in it, then you just click that whenever you want to mine and...presto ! 

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I have 2 7970s and i want to run both with gui miner. Windows crashes when i try to run both together. Ive tried windows 7 32 and 64bit and windows 8 32 and 64 bit. Ive tried dummy plug as well as connecting 1 monitor each per card. My config is as follows:-


Asus M5a97 with 1 16x pcie 2.0@16x and 1 16x pcie 2.0@4x

2x 7970 (xfx and powercolor)

2x 4gb corsair vengence ram

amd fx-6300 6core processor

psu 2x antec 650P (650W+650W) through ADD2PSU 


Pls help me configure this with gui miner or any other method




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