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These things called Opal and VPNcoin (NVC fork too)

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Hello, Guys. I've seen this new coin, named OPAL and it seems to be gaining a lot of traction today, mainly because the core developer is 15 year old. I also noticed that OPAL is a direct for of NovaCoin, same as HBN. I was thinking maybe we could put some cooperation up with them, so the coins can benefit from each other's code. What do you think about this proposition, their code, and the coin?

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Hi Tranz. I was informed they are developing a new GUI right now. I cannot see much progress yet, I think they took the coin from the former developers (former Onyx V2 coin). However if I read this page right (https://github.com/whitj00), Whit J has over 7000 BTC commits and over 1000 DOGE commits, and he considers OPAL his main project (although there are not many commits yet), so I would expect innovations or experiments to come soon.




This coin just poped on my radar, partly also because of the SuperNet thing. I have suggested adding HBN to the SuperNet too, but no response yet from jl777


Things under development: Mainly OPAL drive (file storage) and colored coins (interesting to see on a NVC fork) and a mobile app.

Things developed: Blockchain messaging, own implementation of "unlock for staking only" - tickbox, vertical menu, alternative Qt client with integrated exchange (crashes for me)


Needles to say, this is one coin which I have now also invested in apart form HBN, LTC, DOGE, VTC, BTC and NXT :)

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Another thing is the VPNCoin, which is also a NovaCoin fork and offers great features like:


1 - Domain System   
 2 - Website System   
 3 - Vpn Proxy System   
 4 - P2p proxy system   
 5 - P2p Instant Communication System   
 6 - Cross-Cryptocoins Networking System   
 7 -AES Chat   
 8 -P2P PhoneCall System   
 9 -P2P VideoCall System  
 10-Network tip system


Though bitnet, a p2p network






But unlike OPAL, it is a fork of BlackCoin, which in turn is the fork of NVC

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