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ANN [OK] OK Cryptocurrency - OKCash - Efficient Crypto - PoS

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- New Instant sync OK chain: If anyone has sync issues for any reason there is a new synced bootstrap at http://bit.ly/OKchain
  Same way we now have an Instant Sync OK Chain for windows on the InstantOKchain Folder,
  Procedure is same than on normal bootstrap (Unzip the files in the appdata/roaming/okcash folder)

- Cripto-pay.com has almost finished with the integration testing for OKCash,
   should be ready for announce by next week.

- OKcash is getting added to Staisybit.com.

- OK at Cryptocurrencies Twitter Top25  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1279685.0

- OK Rank 15 in Cointelegraph Rankings. Community giveaway for support: http://bitcoingarden.tk/forum/index.php?topic=5841.0

- PR release shared over 25 media networks (America/UK/Asia)

- Upcoming http://coinmap.xyzfor OKCash and trusted cryptocurrencies
 (Map to find businesses and charities to spend cryptocurrency to buy or support)

- OK Rank 1 at cryptsy, and they already started to fix their issues, so could get added anytime.

- OK #2 CoinPayments.  Let's keep supporting to get to #1 and ensure the addition to empower adoption.  

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Full Bitcoin OK Clients and nodes. ROKOS v3 "core" Released: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1084908.0


Just Burn and Click to Start your own Full Bitcoin Node or Client
Just Burn and Click to Turn your Pi into an OKCash staking device
Cryptocurrency and the Internet of Things
Core: Raspbian based OS with integrated Bitcoin OK Clients, Nodes ready for use.
Flavors: ROKOS for Altcoins, with different Cryptocurrencies Clients / Nodes ready for use.

We've seen new services selling "stake miners" for different currencies, we support the new technology and uses for cryptocurrencies in the Raspberry Pi environments, hence we came up with a Free solution for every Pi enthusiast, developer, user, service that want to use their Pi systems with Bitcoin and OKCash, or that would like to turn their Pi into a Staking device, It already includes a synced and fully functional client and node for OKCash and Bitcoin Client and node as well to provide them with the best and easier Out of the Box experience.

v3 "Core" Released

The First OS image release that merges the full power of Raspberry Pi and Cryptocurrencies:
- ROKOS v3 "core" comes with an integrated Bitcoin Client / node and OKCash Client /node with Synced OKchain. Released on Dec 18 2015.
- ROKOS v1 and v2 History releases link.


Distribution aimed at New Pi Users, Medium grade users, Advanced Pi Users, Developers and Educators.
Download & Burn, Ready for use.

Dec 18 2015

ROKOS v3 "core" - Download (2.99Gb)
MD5 Checksum: 91360BAFF8B5B30ACB0E898B099DFA39
SHA-1 Checksum: 19EF72A1E25A4BD1D1279405C5007630606B3A78
SHA-256 Checksum: 95823E8260247A753FFA20018D4B59547956F6DB2AC2F8971B3D60F28940E981
SHA-512 Checksum: 105A94A92EB2C9B0129AF035599367FEC59FDF759942551BE360AB55725151168E20EA1CFE381101B4AE42BFC03361520C0F02EE3BD44C604A2FB773D6B99F4F

ROKOS v1 and v2 History releases link.

*Official Download Links - Do Not Download from other sources, posts, links to ensure the security of your downloads*


v3 "core" Release Dec 18 2015
- Full burnable OS Compatible with the Raspberry Pi systems.
- Full System / Programs Upgrade.
- Full Design Upgrade.
- Iceweasel browser added.
- Direct log to GUI Desktop.
- Debian Progs.
- Python Tools.
- Easier to Use mod Update.
- Security and Optimization Update.
- Updated Out of the box Firewall already configd only for wallets, web access and ssh.
- Includes Qt and complete set of Dev tools (For developers)
- Works with other cryptocurrencies.
- 100mb swap mod.
- Updated Bitcoin client / node v0.11.2 with full functionality.
- Updated OKCash client / node v3.0.0.4 with full Stake functionality, private messages and Synced Chain to Dec 18 2015.
- Custom Login and Wallpapers.
- BTC and OK nodes at /usr/local/bin/
- Easy Clients / Nodes Upgrades.
- Direct access to the Clients Via: Task bar and Menu > Internet.
- ZIP file - Compression: 2.99Gb image to download, 5.84GB uncompressed to burn.

ROKOS v3 "core":
- Raspberry Pi B or 2 (Might work with A but further testing is required, hence not supported/recommended)

- If you will use Bitcoin and OKCash:
Min 8gb SD card and an External device (usb / hdd / ssd). To sync the BTC chain on the external device instead of the SD card, BTC chain alone is around 40gb.

- If only using OKCash:
Min 8gb SD card.

Future Versions:
- Security updates.
- Chain Updates.
- More Cryptocurrencies will be integrated for an Out of the Box experience in a different version called FLAVORS.
- Designs Updates.
- More wallets, programs or features, based on users/communities/developers feedback, support and/or cross collaborations.

ROKOS v3 "core" Screen Shots



"ROKOS" Initial Setup

1.- Download and Burn the ROKOS Image to a micro SD Card like you would with any other Pi Distro.

Dec 18 2015

Steps for first boot

a) Login with user: root password: raspberry (*security note: only use the root account to make this steps, do not use clients on root)
B) Open Terminal, type: raspi-config
c) Set your Time Zone and Expand the file system, restart.
After restart the system will auto log to the pi user desktop.

Welcome to the ROKOS Desktop

Security Steps
Pi and root accounts default passwords: raspberry

*note: Remember that on terminal the password will not be displayed as you type it; there are no Windows-style * symbols representing the letters. Instead, it will appear that you haven’t entered a password. This is a security feature to prevent people guessing the length of your passphrase. Just type the password regardless.

Open a terminal and change the password of "Pi" and "root" accounts with this commands

sudo passwd
(write your new password, this will change the password of Pi, the main use account)

su root
enter password: raspberry

(write your new password, this will change the password for the root account)

(leaves root account and goes back to Pi account)

exit or close the terminal window

RESTART the system one last time so it can start with correct configurations. (correct mount of tmp for the tech savy)

Final steps / BTC and OK Clients

a) OK: Go to Menu > Internet and Click on the OKCash Wallet

This will open the OKCash wallet, give it some minutes for the initial setup, OK Chain is Synced so it will be ready for use in the next minutes.

B) Go to Menu > Internet and Click on the Bitcoin Wallet

This will open the Bitcoin wallet with the option to select where we will be saving the BTC chain.

*For BTC the initial sync will take some days, wallets are fully usable after being fully Synchronized.


B) Make a backup of your wallets and save in USB or external media.

Use your Bitcoin wallet to plug HW and mine BTC, Send/Receive BTC cryptocurrency, become a full node and support the Bitcoin newtork, etc.

Use your OKCash wallet to Stake/Mine OK, Send/Receive OK cryptocurrency, send and receive private messages with other OK users, etc.

Important Security Notice:
Remember to create a backup for your Wallets, you can use the wallets to create them and save in different folders on a USB device.
You should ALWAYS have a backup of your wallet, Raspberry Pi Hardware, Raspbian and ROKOS Software are under development hence not responsible for missuses, electrical or compatibility issues that might cause a loss of information. It is as secure as one's ability to take care for it, same as a computer, so always have a backup of your wallets on an external device.


You can start testing and developing new integration with the Bitcoin and OKCash Tech for your IoT projects.


ROKOS is Released for Free to support Bitcoin OK and the crypto environment adoption
If you find this work valuable or if it helped your project and You would like to support feel free to share your donations at

Bitcoin 15VrDkat5vD4FfycRk3E4e7EgqftzK6tm8
OKcash PWZg5F7NurKDNGdckRpQgmShEQhEHmF5W5

Want your Cryptocurrency Client and node included in ROKOS "Flavors" release?

0.25 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development
Requirement to get added to all future "Flavors" upgrades/releases. (Permanently added to upcoming flavors releases)

0.15 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development
Requirement to get added only to next "Flavors" upgrade/release. (1 flavors release)

0.50 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development
Requirement to get an Exclusive version release for your cryptocurrency with your custom cryptocurrency wallpaper and version name.

Contact: OKtoshi at devteam@okcash.co

Bitcoin and OKCash Clients on ROKOS v3 "core"



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ROKOS v4 Released - New article by The Merkle News

ROKOS Is A Free Raspberry Pi Operating System To Launch A Bitcoin Node

Bitcoin users from all over the world have been looking for cheaper alternatives to create additional network nodes. Up until now, the only options were to either use a [previous] computer or laptop, or buy one of the pre-configured – but rather expensive – Bitcoin Node solutions running on a Raspberry Pi. ROKOS v4 might be the solution some people have been looking for, as it will turn any Raspberry Pi into a Bitcoin or altcoin node.



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Very happy with all the users feedback, ROKOS already has 160+ downloads, and got published in a lot of different media sites in different languages.

It requires its own space now, so were releasing the New ROKOS website to find the Core OS and future releases.



2016 has a lot of surprises for OK, 2015 was a great year for OK, OK is already one of the strong cryptocurrency networks.
Will share some statistics over the coming days, Thanks for your Support and have a Happy New Year.

Welcome to the Future!



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OKCash[OK] has been listed for trading @




So register @ https://btcpool.exchange and get the trade on!!


Awesome, Thank you for the Support to the OK community.


We are adding it to OP and releasing an announce.


We will divide the Exchanges section in "Established Exchanges" and "New Exchanges" to protect users while at the same time supporting new exchanges.


New exchanges can get moved to Established Exchanges after 6 months and based on users feedback. Thank you.





Updated section:


Established Exchanges

(Buy/Sell OK)

Bittrex (BTC Pairs)

Cryptopia (BTC Pairs)

Bleutrade (BTC/USD Pairs)


New Exchanges (Proper Caution)

Yobit (BTC Pairs) ***  

BTCpool (BTC Pairs) *New


*** = wallet updated, if good users feedback/request and no more wallet issues will be able to get moved to established ones.



OK at Yobit Dice

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This are the requirements to get integrated into ROKOS, with a promo for the first 4 coins to become part of ROKOS "flavors" for every future release.


Want your Cryptocurrency Client and node included in ROKOS "Flavors" release?


0.25 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development

Requirement to get added to all future "Flavors" upgrades/releases. (Permanently added to upcoming flavors releases)

*Only 4 spots permanent add promo. Only 3 spots left.


0.15 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development

Requirement to get added only to next "Flavors" upgrade/release. (1 flavors release)


0.50 BTC (or OKcash Equivalent) to support development

Requirement to get an Exclusive version release for your cryptocurrency with your custom cryptocurrency wallpaper and version name.

OK is Honored with the new cross collaboration with GMC:


Congratulations to GameCredits GMC for claiming the "first spot permanent add promo"

showing Real commitment to their communities to support long term adoption.


GMC is getting integrated in the base coins for all coming ROKOS flavors releases.




What is ROKOS?


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Congratulations Community


New ROKOS article by TechCrunch just got released





ROKOS already today Top News on Bitcoin @ Twitter




Empower the users and Improving Crypto.

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Upcoming ROKOS flavors to be integrated from cross collabs for coming release


1st round Claimed Permanent base coins promo: GMC DMD ENRG BLK SOIL


so far Claimed Permanent base promo: METAL


so far Claimed Per Release:


Exclusive(Own Branding subversion):



Claims for coming release close on Friday January 8th

Expected to release between Jan 28 / Feb 14 2016

Price for permanent base integration claims might increase for future releases.



I'm thankful for all the positive response, I keep getting PMs from interested communities to get the permanent promo, this have been all taken now, with 1 coin pending confirmation


so I am opening a new promo to support the communities for the (per release tier) giving the chance to become a permanent base one and providing the small differences.


(per release) 0.15 btc (or OK equivalent) donation


Promo: coins get added to permanently base coins after getting 3 x Per release claims

No time limit, can get 1 time donation for immediate permanent add or get releases as ROKOS advances(after 3 get permanently added)


differences from "permanent added" ones and "per release" ones:


*Permanent added coins get integrated in the ROKOS home menu and bottom taskbar, (like on core screenshots)

while Per release get direct links at the Desktop.


*Permanent added coins includes 2 wallpapers for their users at the "res" folder and are included in bigger size at the default wallpaper.

Per release includes 2 wallpapers for their users as well, but share a smaller size of the default wallpaper.


After becoming a permanent added coin, all future updates/releases are free.



for the "Exclusive/Branded versions" the cost is 0.50btc and 0.10btc per update/release.


Feel free to pm or ask directly on thread for any doubt/question.




ROKOS flavors expect to release by the end of January with a maximum time frame for mid February.


Friday 8th Jan 2016 will be the last day to receive new claims of integration for the upcoming ROKOS flavors release.



(planned versions after ROKOS flavors: ROKOS lite, ROKOS kids (includes coins from flavors), ROKOS all versions for pine64+ compatibility and more)

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FinTech at CES 2016: MasterCard, Coin, Rokos, Samsung and SoftBank Are Making Waves


The International Consumer Electronic Show, being held in Las Vegas from January 6 to 9 this year, has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years. The International Consumer Electronics Show showcases more than 3,600 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 200 conference sessions and more than 150K attendees from 150 countries.






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New ROKOS core v4 Bitcoin Fullnode release for BananaPi PRO devices


ROKOS v4 "core" for BananaPi PRO - Download (1.15Gb)

Jan 21 2016

MD5 Checksum: EA6F8AE7C7E8870C3E06954E3F67689E

SHA-1 Checksum: C3DF1D645AA40E138E198AD338288D1066A9CA41

SHA-256 Checksum: F55223849DC694EB747E6C334985D47824D58EEB03EB5EAA6EC057177B06005C

SHA-512 Checksum: B16ADC2A15400BD77802068752F98A61EE13A2F60C0D0D2D6A12192BE6EE29B220D448A11F366EF 4BF04926676DAA6563B43F24EE7FA73A453DBB332C43FA34A



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OKcash has now been added to the CoinWallet.co online wallet, POS pool service and Twitter tipping service.




Running since 2013.


POS Pool fee: 2%

Wallet withdrawal fee: 0.5%

Twitter tipping fee: 0%

Email payment / transfer fee: 0%


As always use online wallets with caution and store the majority of your coins in cold storage or a secure / encrypted wallet on your computer.


Coinwallet.co serves as an easy to use and accessible wallet that you can access with just an internet connection.




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- Bootstrap (Normal and Instant Chain) updated to February 11 2016.



- OKCash is now an official sponsor for Cordica 21 (Integral school with national and International soccer tournaments for Kids with Down Syndrome [Mexico])




ROKOS added as featured Partner for CoinFestUK



- ROKOS flavors (small delay, lost a familiar to cancer this past days and been a bit busy in the process, will get released in less than 15 days)


- ROKOS core: more than 1200 downloads! Thanks for your Support

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