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Now you can follow your OKCash portfolio also in your Android

OKCash added to Blockfolio - Download from the Google Play store

Blockfolio, LLC is a private company based in Los Angeles that provides mobile cryptocurrency services.

Learn more about Blockfolio at: www.blockfolio.com




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on POS Rewards change: Looking for more of 'what day'. Date of coin launch or date of full POS

Hi, here is a more detailed explanation:

The real measurement for stake change are correlated with average block numbers per year + the 15 days average blocks (days POW lasted)


1 year average block number + 15 days average blocks number =  block number for stake change for the first year.

rewards change at block numbers, which are estimated dates based on blocks average

this translates to:

Rewards started at 69% for the first year.

after 1st year
501257 blocks (year average) + 20000 blocks (15 days average) = 521,257 (Block Number for 1st year change of rewards) Reward goes 20% for the second year.

after 2nd year
previous block range (521,257 blocks) + 501257 blocks (year average) = 1,022,514 (Block Number for 2nd year change of rewards) Reward goes 10% for the third year.

after 3rd year
previous block range (1,022,514 blocks) + 501257 blocks (year average) = 1,523,771 (Block Number for 3nd year change of rewards) Reward goes to 6% for the 4th and upcoming years.
Hope the explanation makes the process more easy to understand, feel free to ask further doubts you might have. Best Regards.

**People asked for OP on the community channel, I will leave this here for the community.

Everyone that steps forward in the community and supports it can get op. this is your coin, our coin and as a community everyone of us have the same power based on consensus and transparency, feel free to pm any of the ops on the community channel at IRC (except for the bots they don't answer pms, they are shy) or to post your ideas or commitment here on the ANN and you can continue to make history making OK even better with your skills at your own times with a recognized position and supported by the community. a small motivational clip of part of the philosophy that supports us in what we are doing here:

Thanks everyone for your support.

Community Call to celebrate OKCash 1st Year and Bitcoin Growth

Join the Campaigns to expand Bitcoin and OKCash awareness, You have the power to make history.

HeadTalk (EN): https://headtalker.com/campaigns/say-ok-to-bitcoin-and-ok-cash/

Thunderclap (EN): https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/34335-say-ok-to-bitcoin-and-okcash

Thunderclap (ES): https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/34334-d-ok-al-bitcoin-y-okcash

Features: Join with twitter, facebook, tumblr or linkedin, easy done in 1 minute, social sharing.





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- OKCash consolidates it's position as "The Social Cryptocurrency, the Future of Social Payments"

Thanks to everyone for the awesome support and feedback with the OKCash 1st Birthday campaigns.

Thanks to the community OKCash has now a new Official Partner

The Ultimate crowdspeaking platform

HeadTalker is a way to have your message be echoed throughout social media.
Join a HeadTalker and share the message
(Idea, Project, Crowdfunding, Social call, awareness)
with increased social reach all at the same time.

New Partner "OKCash"



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Increased security.


- MD5, SHa-1, SHA256 and SHA512 checksums added to ROKOS v1 and v2 release.



- MD5, SHA-1, SHA256 and SHA512 checksums added to OKCash wallets (find them in the download folder)



Community Update:


1- Cripto-Pay.com is doing tests for OKCash integration.


2- Got a message from the Human Faucet, relaying to the community for discussion/support (aprox. 0.39btc) + optional big posters (0.28btc)

If done, I would suggest the basic package with normal posters as I cant find a lot of difference from a user / walker perspective for the bigger posters for now, and those funds could be aimed for a better goal at this moment.


Mike from The Human faucet here. What we do is get 6 local stores(to start with)to accept your coin.

We also print up 8x11 posters for our walking billboards.We then have our Brand Ambassadors pass out info flyers and up to 25 wallets about your coin(you provide info). The wallet receivers will do a task(tweet,facebook like,post,ect..) to get $1 in crypto that they will then go on a tour of the stores to use()store matches the wallet so they have $2 purchase power. (a free drink, pin,)It gets them used to crypto ,shows them how easily spendable it is and puts them in the position to be the first amongst their peers to actually own and use crypto.


For the Cryptocrawl service we Charge $125. Includes loaded wallets, Store adoption of your coin in 6 shops, 3 small posters(add $90 for 24x24 Large posters) 100 info passouts.

3- Cryptopia exchange has been experiencing a great growth, with an average of 200-300 traders daily on the chat box.

We would love to add OK as tipping coin for the chat box, there is a 500k dots requirement to be able to do so. (aprox. 0.10btc)


So I am sharing the info with the community,


If you would like for this ideas/offers to execute feel free to discuss as we would need to rise the donation.


I am in control of the next donation addresses, If you make a donation please post the tx id here on BTCTANN with

the quantity and for which goal, if goals are not met the donations will be send back the the donators upon request.


OK PRnWj5rovke61MfSfpY2j9oKYGrqzGGWcr



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Happy Birthday community!

Thanks to everyone in the community for your participation and loyal support to OKCash.

Thanks to every participant for the Campaigns that are bringing new awareness
about Bitcoin and OKCash with a social reach for more than 1.5 million users.

OKCash got congratulations balloons by Twitter for it's Birthday,
saved for record in a small clip, enjoy and Happy Birthday!

We are just starting, with your support; 2016 will be OK's year!




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OK Wallets v3.0.0.2
Mandatory Update
Indentation problems with POS change, chain got stuck in the block 521257
This release fix the issue. Upgrade asap.
Change List 30-11-2015 v3.0.0.2-core
  - Indentation (fix)
  - Object (fix)
  - Protocol upgrade (security)
  - New checkpoint for block 500000. (security)
  - POS change to 20% moved 10,000 blocks to block 531,257 (upgrade)
How to:
Just upgrade your client to v3.0.0.2 and start, it should fix automatically,
If for any reason continue to be stuck after some time,
download the OKbootstrap and resync http://bit.ly/OKchain
Updated already:
- Bittrex exchange

- http://explorer.okcash.co (CryptoID explorer)

- Bleutrade exchange

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Thanks for sharing Jimmy! :D


OK Wallets v3.0.0.3

Mandatory for clients and older

Regular Highly recommended for clients


Based on community/users feedback the anon tokens system is getting removed

to comply with most businesses structures and to expand in full OK social and transparency features.


Change List 01-12-2015 v3.0.0.3-core


- Anon token system removed from UI (Users feedback/Social improvement)

- Correct descriptions (fix)

- Protocol upgrade (security)

- Renaming for Private Messages and texts for non crypto users. (design improvement)

- Disconnect from old clients (security)


Instructions for v3.0.0.2 clients:


Close your OKCash wallet, replace it with the v3.0.0.3 , open your client, done.


Instructions for v3.0.0.1 and older clients:


Close your OKCash wallet, replace it with the v3.0.0.3 , open your client, if it presents any issue download the OKbootstrap and resync





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OK Wallets v3.0.0.4
Mandatory Update

coinstake fix and POS change, chain got stuck in the block 531257
This release fixes the issue. Upgrade asap.

Change List 06-12-2015 v3.0.0.4-core

- Coinstake fix for the POS change.(security/functionality)
- Protocol upgrade (security)
- Disconnect from old clients (security)
- POS changed from 69% to 20% for second year at block 531,257

How to:

- Close your OKCash wallet, replace it with the v3.0.0.4 , open your client, done. - no extra steps required.


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