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ANN [OK] OK Cryptocurrency - OKCash - Efficient Crypto - PoS

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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2072.0.html

OK DYOR Community Dev Updates
May 11th 2017

Since our last newsletter, which was in December, a lot has happened community wise. A new webpage has been created for OKCash, we have been having audio publicity on a radio channel, OKBets has been having some more updates to it, new ROKOS Core version and more.

Read more: https://medium.com/@OkcashNews/ok-dyor-community-dev-updates-40cc26c3dbcb


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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2078.0.html

1111 OKCash Illuminati Treasure Hunt. The Eyes is all you have.

Try to find the magic key and get 1111 OKCash  ::)
Good luck getting the private key for 1111 OKCash. When imported please send to a new address to protect it from theft.  ;)


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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2097.0

Okcash has been integrated into the Kripto World

Make your account and get ready to Buy and Sell your favorite products for Okcash over the Kripto World.

The Kripto.World team also released an Okcash article for all of their members to help them to learn more about Okcash.

site: https://www.kripto.world/

video info: https://www.facebook.com/kripto.world/videos/1726329664060504/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kripto.world/

Feel free to post your listed products links over the https://okcashtalk.org forums for a wider reach 👌



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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2098.0

Okcash.org - Main Domain Rescued/Acquired for the next 10 years


We have rescued/acquired the okcash.org domain and registered it for 10 years (the maximum available),
becoming the main domain for information about the Okcash project,
The site is OpenSource and hosted directly on Github ensuring its availability and user participation.
We are working on a new website with simple steps for new users, will be placed over the previous okcash.info site.



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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2099.0

[External] Okcash Giveaway over crackingspace [50 OK]

The cracking space forums are doing an Okcash giveaway for their thousands of users,
to introduce them to Okcash and so they can start testing/using/staking it.

You can reach the giveaway over: https://crackingspace.com/thread-17287.html



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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2102.0

New OK game: OKSlots is currently in open beta and has just joined the discord server!

The name should already say enough, OKSlots is a casino-like slots fruitmachine.
The bot can only be used in the ok-bots-games-gifs-nonsense channel and direct message to avoid spam in other channels.


The slots consist of 3 lines, allowing the player to get up to 5 winlines (3 horizontal and 2 diagonal lines), a short explanation can be found here:


I hope that i informed you enough to use the bot, if you have any questions don't hesitate and shoot me a message on discord!

- Add a website with roll stats
- Add spinning with higher amounts of OK
- Bonus games(?)

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I think that using of OKcryptocurrency is really great thing for everyone. First of all, OKCash has a positive vibe into its design and code. Besides,  a lot of other coins started to get created following these ideals. So,  if you want to buy stable cryptocurrency, you will choose OKcryptocurrency.

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original thread: https://okcashtalk.org/index.php/topic,2107.0
source: https://medium.com/@OKCashCrypto/buy-bitcoin-and-okcash-with-sofort-giropay-and-sepa-at-europes-biggest-exchange-e6268d790f12

Buy OKcash with SOFORT, GiroPay and SEPA at Europe's biggest exchange

- Okcash added to LiteBit! Buy, sell, deposit and withdraw #okcash

Day by day it gets easier to work with your Okcash, no matter where in the world you are, empowering yourself to the next level,
while providing the easiest tools to work with it, increasing its availability for new users alike, while at the same getting integrated in new services
and projects, making your Okcash useful and one of the best currencies to work with, For the Users by the Users.


Litebit Platform: https://www.litebit.eu/en/

LiteBit offers you the service buy and sell cryptocurrencies, or to store your bitcoins and cryptocurrencies so you don't have to download any software or large Blockchains. You can deposit, withdraw, sell within your LiteBit account, easy as that!

    No software needed
    You don't have to download any Blockchain
    Use all features of LiteBit
    Easy view of profits and losses
    Sell directly for credits and euro


*Litebit offers different services like Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies with fiat, Cryptocurrency wallets, and price alarms among others!



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By 2017, 1 BTC has exceeded $2000 in value and the market cap for the flagship cryptocurrency surpassed $30 billion in May. Bitcoin’s value actually doubled within the first half of 2017. Bitcoin currently accounts for over 35percent of the total cryptocurrency market. On the busiest days, the number of BTC transactions each day averages around 350,000.

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