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ANN [OK] OK Cryptocurrency - OKCash - Efficient Crypto - PoS

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Voluntary Developers/Community based Decentralized Tech. Everyone is free and welcome to integrate/develop new applications with/for OKCash.


★ OKCash en Español (Spanish) ★ OKCash Ελληνικά (Greek) ★ OKCash Deutsch (German)



OKCash Logo 500px for Markets, Exchanges, Games and Services

Latest Wallet Release:

OK Wallets Release List

v3 codename: "core" - Release Notes






OK is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls OKCash and everyone can take part.






OK Source

Github (Source)


OK Config Tools

BootStrap (Synched OK Chain)

Config File


OK Mobile, Web and Offline Wallets

Cointopay (WebWallet)

UberPay (Android)

Paper Wallets (Cold Storage)


OK Blockchain Explorers and Public Nodes

OKCash Explorer Rocks

Crypto ID OKCash Explorer

Cryptopia OK Explorer

Multifaucet.tk OK explorer

OK Public Dedicated Node (Maint. by Bitnodes)


OK Developers Tools

Electrum OK Server


OK Websites

OKCash (English)

OKCash (Español)

Explorer Rocks (Bitcoin and OKCash)

BTC & OK Community Events Project


Ranks, Charts, BTC rates and Resources





Quandl Data





Exchange War

Saldigi Crypto


Exchanges (Buy and Sell OKCash)

Bittrex (BTC Pairs)

Cryptopia (BTC Pairs)

Bleutrade (BTC/USD Pairs)


OK Cloud Staking/Mining



OKCash Multipool



Markets and Merchants

Buy and sell products

and services with OK

CryptoCloud (Hosting Services)

CointoPay (Market)

Cryptopia (Market)

PICISI (Crowdfunding)


OK Payments Processors

CointoPay (Integration)


Android Apps for Bitcoin and OKCash

UberPay Multiwallet

Bitcoin Checker


Coin Price Ticker


Free OK, Games and Twitterbots

OK Faucet #1

OK Faucet #2

OK Faucet #3

OK Twitter Tipbot

OK Reddit Tipbot

OK IRC Tipbot

OK Trivia on IRC (start with !quiz)

OK Hi - Low on IRC (start with !hl)

OK Random times Tipme on IRC

by nrpatten (use with !tipme)

deb0rah Price check on IRC by BuZz

(start with !price)

BTC/OK Twitter Pricebot

by SebSebastian

BTC/OK Detailed Twitter Pricebot





Lead Developer


OK PRnWj5rovke61MfSfpY2j9oKYGrqzGGWcr






What are the Stake Rewards or Staking?

In easy Terms is the process where you keep your coins in your OK wallet and keep it open, your coins will start to "stake", meaning after 8-24 hours your wallet will start to mine for more coins according to the quantity of coins that you already have in your wallet, at a rate of 69% for the First Year (% changes the first 4 years) without the need for special equipment. You only need to keep the OKCash wallet running and some Coins in it to start earning more coins. (This nodes help maintain a decentralized, secure and fast network, hence why they get the rewards for trusting and supporting the network/project)


OK Specs

Released: Nov 24th 2014

PoW Ended at block: 33,186

Total coins at the end of Pow/Pos Hybrid Period: 36,297,000 OKCash

Max Cap: 105,000,000 OKCash

Full POS started: Dec 9th 2014

Proof of Stake

Stake Rewards: 69% 1st Year (block 531,257)

| 20% 2nd (block 1,022,514) | 10% 3rd (block 1,523,771)| 6% 4th Year on wards

PoS Min Stake Time: 8 hr

Pos Max Stake Time: Unlimited

Transactions: 10 confirmations

Stakes: 64 confirmations

Block Time: 50-60 seconds average block time.

Rpcport: 6969

Port: 6970

Test ports: ( RPCport 7979 ) ( Port 7980 )



What is OKCash?


OKCash is a new Cryptocurrency that got released in November 2014. Since the start OK has shown a unique interest in the end user and tried to make the coin accessible and easy to use for the community. The launch was a success and a lot of miners participated in the pools that were mining the coin.


The mining PoW process lasted 15 days without halving to make it fair for every miner no matter when they started with the coin. After these 15 days of mining, OKCash became a full Proof of Stake coin, fulfilling its goal of hybrid initial distribution. It started a new era in the cryptocurrency environment, where coins continue to be created and distributed via Proof of Stake, which is a more long-term sustainable system and much more energy friendly than Proof of work.


OKCash started a new tendency in the cryptocurrency world, by injecting a positive vibe into its design and code. A lot of new coins started to get created following these ideals, some even adding the "positive" into its names just like in OK's previous name. Sadly most of these new coins lasted for only a few months and others lacked the determination to continue with its commitment to the code and its community. Others had outsourced development, meaning not having in-house devs, which makes the development process harder to maintain and makes it hard to build an efficient system as there is no main Developer with a real understanding of the code.


OKCash does not present such issues: the coin has been trading since Nov 2014 and the community continues to grow in all aspects, on social networks, in markets, in use, and with its in-house dedicated Dev it's been building a solid decentralized infrastructure that's directly reflected in the coin's efficiency and speed. OKCash is one of a handful of coins that has not presented any issues with its blockchain, working perfectly since the day it was released. Even the Branding process update was neat and easy for its users, showing once again its dedication to functionality and ease of use.


The initial motivation behind OKCash was to create a really efficient and fast coin with a funny association to the Pimpd TV show, evoking the phrase in the sense to "improve things" or "make things better". After the success of getting added to the first exchanges, and with the community interaction and feedback, the name became a "hot topic". Hence by Devs' and community feedback it was decided it was time for the coin to evolve and communicate the real philosophy behind its work. The community and environment itself were the driving forces behind this evolution, which is meant to provide end users with a cryptocurrency they can trust - with a name aimed for mainstream - and with the following qualities: speed, efficiency and ease of use accompanied by a dedicated and personalized working design.





The "OK" name got selected to represent the new brand precisely because it reflects properly the coin's goals and attitude. OK is one of only 2 words in the whole world that requires no translation at all to be understood, giving it the potential for mainstream adoption without the hassle of trying to integrate the new name to different cultures. "OK" is understood the whole world over.


OK reflects a positive outcome, speed and empathy. Security and user experience are the first thoughts behind any update or code modification. The addition of the word "cash" was made to give it direct inclusion into the financial sector and to communicate the whole concept in a word: "OKCash".

Anybody who hears this word gets an overall concept or general idea of what it is about. OK is the technology while OKCash is the first application of this technology, being the coins we can send or put in our wallets for saving, spending or sharing.


OKCash's rebranding was done in April 2015, and since then the OK cryptocurrency has been added to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges - Bittrex. This adds to the list of exchanges where the coin is already trading (Bittrex, Bleutrade, Cryptopia ).



OKCash has direct USD / OK markets at Bleutrade, making it possible to buy or sell OK directly for fiat currency.

OKCash has been referred to as "The future for Social Payments" and "Bitcoin Grandson" it has one of the strongest social presences in the cryptocurrency environment. You can actually send OKCash anywhere in the world by the easy use of the Reddit and/or Twitter Tip bots. This makes it possible to send OK to anyone in the world, even if they have not yet installed and downloaded the OKCash wallet.


OKCash is also one of the few currencies that does not fight BTC. On the contrary, OK supports BTC and aims to create events around the world to teach people about cryptocurrencies such as BTC and OK: how they can get the advantages and how they differ from traditional fiat systems. Download OKCash Wallet


OK complements BTC, with its speed and Proof of Stake system OK works as a currency but also as an earning system. If you keep your wallet open, you gain a % of the coins you hold in your wallet as interest. This system incentivizes the network growth and security as well, and is one of the key aspects of OK as it doesn't require special equipment. It is a more energy friendly way to sustain the whole network, reducing the carbon footprint considerably against Proof of Work technology.


Since the start, OKCash has provided constant updates, a dedicated site for them and has followed the Roadmap in time and form.



OK is the first cryptocurrency to hold cross-promotions between different cryptocurrency communities, and to incentivize further cooperation the OKCash Devs created the Altcoins Foundation: an Automated Platform that helps promote projects throughout the cryptocurrency environment and gives a space to new or established currencies to share their updates and news. Link



Anyone can visit and download the "ROKOS" project as well, a Raspberry Pi OS with full Bitcoin Graphical Client and node ready to plug and play, OK client/node ready for use, distributed for free by the OKCash Developers to support Crypto adoption and the integration of cryptocurrencies with the Internet of Things technology (IoT). Download


OK community has continued to create giveaways for more crypto communities and constant contests with the addition of faucets and resources to give more users the chance to have fun and get to know, test and use OKCash (OK).



OK Resume

$OK - OKCash is The future for Social payments.


The name is OKCash with the "OK" Ticker, the different dedicated languages sites and resources are currently being rolled out across the networks and social media.


The purpose of the name OKCash is to ensure that the name of the coin properly reflects the trust, positivism, innovation and vision that are at the center of all of our work. We firmly believe that OKCash will have better projection and appeal to a broader international audience, making it a perfect fit for integration in different markets, promotions, exchanges and resources. Say OK to Cash!


Development focus on the long term service provision for OKCash across multiple payment platforms, and the accessibility and reliability will compliment the socially orientated services that are currently under development.


We are very excited by the new opportunities that OKCash is bringing to different communities and people around the world with its new positioning as a mainstream brand.


OKCash is fun and inclusive, we warmly welcome the community and would like to thank you for your continued support.


History: Started as a PoW/PoS hybrid, meaning miners were able to use their gpu cards and special miner equipments to mine the coin for the first 15 days without halving to make it more fair to miners, After this Phase, OKCash became a Full Proof of Stake (PoS) Cryptocurrency, meaning the only way to create more coins is the process of staking. It had a Dev_Fund mined of 2,691,000 OK in 1st Block for initial distribution for the community. ( Dev Fund was fully distributed via Rains, Giveaways, Bounties, Quiz bots and contests to all the participant crypto communities. Full Dev Fund spent in the Previous Community Record; Biggest Epic Rain Record with cross cooperation with other Altcoins communities).


Launched in November 2014 with the name Positive Innovation for Multi Payment Cash solutions and re branded later to OKCash, it has a growing reputation as The most socially orientated cryptocurrency with almost daily updates, shared directly on a website for news and updates for the community, and across broad social media.


In December 2014 released a custom wallet for Gaia coin based on the previous OK design, a first for cross-coin collaboration in the crypto Eco-system. This reflects the OKCash focus on developing relationships with other cryptocurrencies, through charitable initiatives and collaborative projects with other coins, which so far have included projects with Gaia, Einsteinium (EMC2) and others.


Another important point to be highlighted regarding OKCash is the fact that there has not been any problems so far with the block chain or it’s code and it runs in real fast and reliable network.


The custom wallet designs reflect an attention to detail and an importance of visual design that is unique to OKCash, along with its emphasis on positivism, inclusiveness and to further the advancement of all the cryptocurrency environment adoption and decentralized payment systems, while bringing back trust to Crypto and becoming The Future of Social Payments.


Uses: Spending, Sharing, Saving, Remittance, Social Tipping, Crowdfunding, Promotion, Bitcoin Support, Education, communications and much more to be discovered.


OKCash is full POS now, an OKCash Multipool got released by community donations to provide miners a way to mine OKCash under different algorithms at: www.okcashpool.info



Edited by OKcryptocurrency (see edit history)

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Market Tools






New Resources and Yobit Addition

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OK Wallets v2.0.0.1  - Released
codename: "Core"


Change List 01-09-2015 v2.0.0.1-core

   - Added New Checkpoints. (Security)
    - Added New Stake Modifier Checkpoints. (Security)
    - Redesign based on users feedback.
    - New Logos with improved Resolution.
    - Icons Fix.

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Sounds interessting

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OK wallet v3.0.0.0-core v3

OK Wallets v3 - Mandatory


Change List 09-23-2015 v3.0.0.0-core-v3

[li] POS v2 system upgrade. (New Features/Security)[/li]
[li] Anon System implementation. (New Features/Privacy)[/li]
[li] HTML5 Wallet (New Features/Design/Tech)[/li]
[li] BIP 32 (New Features/Security/HD wallets)[/li]
[li] Encrypted Messages System v2 upgrade. (Security/Design)[/li]
[li] Transition from "scrypt" to "SHA256" algorithm. (Performance/Security)[/li]
[li] In wallet OKChain Explorer. (New Features/Tools)[/li]
[li] Peers; Nodes List and details in Debug Window. (New Features/Tools)[/li]
[li] In wallet Updates. (Latest Community updates shared at updates.okcash.co)[/li]
[li] RewindChain command added. (New Features/Tools)[/li]
[li] Bugs Fix. (Security/Performance)[/li]

Anon Privacy System Starts at block: 470,000
Annual % stake change at block: 521,257
POS v2 kicks in at block: 555,000

mandatory update - soon all previous clients will stop to be accepted by the network
(your coins will be safe but you wont be able to use them until you update to a v3 version).


v3 Mac OSX clients to be released in the coming days*


*New users need no extra steps.
Just download and start your new OK wallet to start using the software.

*Users with previous wallets.
How to update:

This update requires a change in the database structure to open the new features, needs to resync.
(All your coins are safe of course)

1.- Delete old okcash-qt.exe clients and download the new okcash v3 client. ( Zip or Installer)

2.- Go to your okcash data folder at:


Mac OS:
~/Library/Application Support/OKCash/


Make a backup of your "wallet.dat" file, and delete all the other files in this folder except for "wallet.dat"

3.- Install or unzip your new okcash v3 client and it will start to sync.

4.- For faster sync you can download a bootstrap file at:

unzip and place it into the okcash data folder before starting the v3 client.
(It will take around 2 hours for the wallet to reindex the blocks from the bootstrap,
it may seem unresponsive but give it some time and it will finish its work loading the chain)


More Info on the new Features and Thanks to its creators:


POS v2 upgrade from Blackcoin Tech. Secure and improved PoS System.

Buterin, Vitalik. "What Proof of Stake Is And Why It Matters"

King, Sunny. "PPCoin: Peer-to-Peer Crypto-Currency with Proof-of-Stake"

Vasin, Pavel. "BlackCoin’s Proof-of-Stake Protocol v2"

Anon upgrade from Shadowcoin Tech. Ring Signatures like Monero/CryptoNote and others with different implementation and optional Anon transactions. (Anon Tokens).

Tsang, Wei. "Short Linkable Ring Signatures for E-voting, E-cash and Attestation"

Franklin, Zhang. "Unique Ring Signatures"

Rynomster, Tecnovert."Zero Knowledge via Traceable Ring Signatures"

HTML5 upgrade from Shadowcoin Tech. In wallet HTML5 Framework.

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. It was finalized, and published, on 28 October 2014 by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This is the fifth revision of the HTML standard since the inception of the World Wide Web. The previous version, HTML 4, was standardized in 1997.

Its core aims are to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers, etc.). HTML5 is intended to subsume not only HTML 4, but also XHTML 1 and DOM Level 2 HTML.

HTML5 wiki and References

BIP32 upgrade from Bitcoin Tech. Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) key creation and transfer protocol (BIP32).

A deterministic wallet is a system of deriving keys from a single starting point known as a seed. The seed allows a user to easily back up and restore a wallet without needing any other information and can in some cases allow the creation of public addresses without the knowledge of the private key.

Deterministic Wallets


This is just the beginning, Android wallets and coinomi integration to be added/released in the coming weeks and will continue to add more of the new features (like a game maybe) that has been requested by the community in the Public Roadmaps, to participate/discuss OKCash development or implementation you can join the new channel #okcash-dev at Freenode, more Developers tools/documentation will be released in the coming days, Njoy.

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OKCash is now accepted at The PICISI Initiative


PICISI - Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups and Ideas.


More info

What is PICISI: http://www.crowdfundingpr.org/picisi/

Platform: http://picisi.com




will be added to OP.

If you have any questions about PICISI, send me a message.

You can start your crowdfunding campaign at http://www.PICISI.com

You can get more informations on PICISI on our blog http://www.PICISI.org

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OKCash is now accepted at The PICISI Initiative


PICISI - Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups and Ideas.


More info

What is PICISI: http://www.crowdfundingpr.org/picisi/

Platform: http://picisi.com




will be added to OP.

PICISI started as a idea, grew to a plan, then to a project, then grew into a community then a company was formed and a currency was formed.  But the plan was for a crowdfunding site and now that has formed too -- PICISI.com 


PICISI is complex however the more you learned about it the easier it will be to understand.


PICISI is the name for everything, the letters stand for: Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups and Ideas.  The name is the single 6 letter word "PICISI". 


Our blog (PICISI.org) has a Frequently Asked Questions post that addresses many questions: 




For cryptocurrency communities the biggest question is: 'How does my CC being involved with PICISI benefit our CC?'

That is answered in many ways: 



1)  "We Accept Your Cryptocurrency Here"

"The golden rules of cryptocurrency development is the more places that your currency is accepted the stronger your currency will be." 




2)  5 Reasons Your Cryptocurrency Should Be A PICISI.com Sponsor

'Host CC sponsor, adPerk sponsor, donation perk sponsor, campaign text sponsor, and video sponsor '




3) Two Questions Asked Of PICISI.com About Sponsorship: What can you do for Goldcoin ?   and what does it cost ?




4) Ok, My Cryptocurrency Is Accepted At PICISI.com, What happens Next ...




5)  Audio Coin (ADC) Is Now Accepted At PICISI.com.  Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?  




6) What Are The Different Relationships A CC Developer or CC Community Can Have With PICISI?




7)  PICISI.com Sponsorship & Advertising Rate Sheet




Seeing crowdfunding campaign sponsorship from the eyes of the receiver:  http://picisi.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-crowdfunding-campaigns-at-picisicom.html


Our Pledge To Our Sponsors 

- 100% Satisfaction - we promise that you will get more than you pay for or your money back on request. 

- Promotion - our directive for promotion is to promote the site, our sponsors, and the campaigns located at our site. 

- Buy & Use Pi - your Pi  purchase is guaranteed too, if the rate ever goes down you can sell it back to us at your original purchase rate (FIFO accounting method).

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Thanks, great job btw!

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Community Call

OKCash is listed and ready to get voted on to be accepted at CoinPayments

Let's Make OKCash usable/spendable anywhere where Bitcoin is already accepted.


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-- OKCash added to UberPay !

A new, decentralized, Bitcoin 'Banking' & Exchange system right in your wallet.

UberPay.io by GeoPay (FinCEN registered)

Now Bitcoin and OKCash comes with You wherever you go!


You can now Download the UberPay wallet for android at:


Start using/receive/send/share OK real fast and from the tip of your fingers or use the Bar Codes!
Decentralized, Ease of access and use, just how mobile payments should be.


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Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Commemoration Wallpapers: Direct Link


Xrlw0Lw.jpg Q4IpnK8.jpg kyn0eFm.jpg


NXaMZGh.jpg 2myIFk6.jpg v1OF3Ox.jpg

Wallet Release:

OK Wallets v3.0.0.1

codename: "Remember the 5th of November"

Recommended Update




Change List 11-03-2015 v3.0.0.1-rememberthe5th

  • [li] Anonymous Privacy System Started without issues at block: 470,000. (New Features/Privacy)[/li]

    [li] Encrypted Message system avatar updated for theme. (Design/5thNovTheme)[/li]

    [li] UI and Icons Upgrade. (Design)[/li]

    [li] Protocol Upgrade (Security)[/li]

    [li] New Checkpoints (Security)[/li]

Annual % stake change from 69% to 20% at block: 521,257

POS v2 kicks in at block: 555,000



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