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AltFolio - the new thing to try out. Portfolio overview, Coin tracker - FREE TRIAL!

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AltFolio - useful new software for Traders (press release v05)



AltFolio is a new service in the Altcoin World. Is it earth-shaking or world-changing?  Is it going to disrupt economies and change governments?  No, of course not.  Then what makes it interesting enough to continue reading?  


Because it is just so darned handy. If you are an altcoin trader (like the dev), then check this out! And yeah - there is a free trial.


You own more than 3 currencies, at more than 1 exchange? Then you will see that it (1) saves time, and lets you (2) react faster, to sudden price swings. And you can really easily (3) communicate your portfolio to other traders - in order to get hints, or show off your success. AltFolio keeps all of your wandering altcoin investments on one tidy page, with all of the necessary data links to bring together the current value of your altcoins for quick and easy reference.


Gone are the days of flipping through a half-dozen trading sites repeatedly to know the condition of your portfolio. Gone are having a dozen windows open at once out of fear of missing any trend changes. And no computer has enough RAM to show all the price graphs of all your coins at memory-hungry bittrex.


So what about opening one page - and after a quick look, then visit the price graphs of only those coins which have recently moved a lot?  With AltFolio you have such a page - and it runs itself!




About the tech: The developer was unhappy about all existing solutions, so he decided to program his own, and has been using and improving it for months, until a polished product has now emerged. As combination of a powerful backend, with a freely configurable and intuitive frontend:


BACKEND: The always fresh data comes from a dedicated data server that collects and caches information from a choice of 9 popular trading sites, and Coinmarketcap - which immediately shows if anything dramatic happened to one of your coins in the past hour or week. 3800 lines of Python code are powering it.


FRONTEND: The frontend is a GoogleSheet (like Excel), so that power-users can adapt it to their needs... and for the quickstarters - simply fill in your coins and you're done!  Let AltFolio handle the rest through the backend.  For beginners, the sheet is color-coded so that you hardly need the included manual - and some 800 lines of Google AppsScript give it extra functions.  


Enough talk for now - because there is a free trial: http://altsheets.ddns.net/altfolio


Please give feedback! You will be rewarded!


--- --- --- --- ---

Some links:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/altsheets  

BitcoinTalk: "altsheets"

    BitcoinTalk AltFolio (software) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=978804  

    BitcoinTalk AAssetHZ (asset) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=981128  

FaceBook Page: www.facebook.com/AltSheets  Group www.facebook.com/groups/AltSheets

YouTube Intro Video (3min):



Screenshots: http://altsheets.ddns.net/screenshots

If you are interested in becoming a long term investor,

and benefit from the profits of the sales of this software,

then you can buy the asset “AAssetHZ” on

HorizonPlatform.io (asset id: 8101260088962758269).







free trial: http://altsheets.ddns.net/altfolio

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You got mail!
And actually, a better version of it - encrypted!


Sent through the built-in messaging systems, using my fabulous shareholders.py script:




Please retweet:









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AltSheets quickie

My products:


* AltFolio - Useful for AltCoin Traders. Do you own altcoins?
   Keep all your coins on one page, with auto-updated price & CMC data & mini-charts
     --> http://altfolio.ddns.net- free trial.

* assetparser.py - analyze ALL assets on both (NXT&HZ) markets, in 42 observables --> http://altsheets.ddns.net/assetparser.py/
* shareholders.py - closer contact with your shareholders, send a password to an "innercircle" webspace - http://altsheets.ddns.net/shareholders.py/

* plus other projects: BAMM.py (balance alarm mail mailer), B.E.E.f.a (HZ block explorer extension for assets, 4 postings!), altprices.py, ...
* Altcoin Newspaper Stand - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1036263




About me:

* supernetradio 1h interview - http://altsheets.ddns.net/pr/supernetradio.html

* my threads on bitcointalk: http://2020.fm/altsheetsthreads

* "my story" describes the beginning, how AltFolio was born.




Support me:

* I am contributing a lot, see my giveback-license for how to give back - http://altsheets.ddns.net/give/




My assets:

* AAssetNXT(13634799205909171438), and
* AAssetHZ(8101260088962758269)

   --> http://altsheets.ddns.net/aasset



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#NxtHacks 2015 winner:

1st: @AltSheets with #AssetGraphs.py

The poll entries were scored on four categories,
Completeness, Style, Use of API, and Usefulness.

Final Scores for the hackathon:

5.85 Completeness
7.38 Style
7.50 Use of API
6.38 Usefulness

all results at: NxtHacks thread.



Retweet ;-)


Read more in the brand new  subforum "AssetGraphs.py":
"Concept draft for the future" + "Help me design an asset to OpenSource this"



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CointelegraphDE article about AltFolio!



Beautiful -and very accurate- interview:

  • [li]History & backgrounds[/li]
    [li]Architecture: frontend vs backend[/li]
    [li]Dataserver tech, supported exchanges[/li]
    [li]How easy it is to combine purchases![/li]
    [li]AltFolio can benefit which type of traders?[/li]
    [li]Reactions, marketing, reseller bonus, web presence[/li]

I even showed it to my old mother :-) It is that well readable.
Original article is in German, I am providing an English translation.

This is an important moment for me, to now be present in one of
the most popular crypto newspapers. I actually rebuilt the whole
dataserver (above), for hosting the extra users safely & reliably.

And I already got very useful feedback. Thx!

Can you to help me a bit now?

Getting people's attention for this useful tool ... has become easier now.

Please... more ideas on my CT article site:

(expands to my website)


Do you run a website? Wanna put my banners for a few days?


;D Edited by altsheets

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BLOCK EXPLORER for Ethereum clones
After BTC, then LTC, later NXT and cryptonotes ... now an ETH cloning wave might hit the scene.

Here is a simple -but well working- BLOCK EXPLORER,

that I learned to understand -inside out-, then extended with essential functions -

and that I can port to your Ethereum clone:




As I can act fast, it is especially valuable for the first days of a new clone.
Later then, you can get e.g. a second B.E., or build your own one from scratch.

(Idea for how to get money together).

Contact me for details, and see my new thread (with MANY PICTURES).

retweet please. Thx.


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AssetGraphs v2

Website & Two Products - Launched!


Click on pic to enter website: altsheets.ddns.net/assetgraphs/v2/products


  • About AssetGraphs v2: Summary of the page
  • Product 1: Buyer Perspective (live app!)
  • Product 2: Issuer Perspective (live app!)
  • Roadmap: Past Present Future
  • Buying is easy: Send NXT to 1 of the 2 addresses.
  • Contact me with your questions.

Be the first to buy:

You can get involved:

shorturl:   2020.fm/ag2

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