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Thanks, what do you mean by applications? How can we use popcoin in an app? We are for sure looking to make a wallet app?

Sorry,my expression is unclear,my meaning are such as games,business or others to support your coin,not just app.Dear developers,you should not be so anxious to exchange,Crycurex is not a good choice,you should develor your coin,add net hash rate firstly,if you want to your coin go further,you should consider to let your coin on coinedup at least,best choice is cryptsy.


On Crycurex,your coin's 24h vol will be more than 1 bitcoin?It has been very optimistic,so you do this will make the situation worse. :ph34r:

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eventually we would like to be on all of the exchanges, we will take any exchange that wants us, crycurex would be a good start, they have a really nice platform, it needs some work but we need to start somewhere, at least it will get us on the map at coinwarz, also, there are not that many coins in the wild and people will most likely be holding so any kinda of trade occuring with POPCoin and BTC would be PHenominal!


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The key to get miners into POP is bitcointalk. And already said, your announce of the coin is still a lot tooooo boring to get people in.


yes, you are exactly right, you make the point and i do not know why the developers Don't do as you suggestions.

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yes, you are exactly right, you make the point and i do not know why the developers Don't do as you suggestions.


We are posting on btc talk!


We would like to however maintain cryptocointalk.com as our home because we have gotten nothing but kindness and respect from people here, where at btctalk, there are a lot of people who don't care to look into a coin, they just nay say, so for the most part our posts on btctalk have been fairly dissappointing,..






Also, word on the street is that btctalk could care less about alt coins and that they would prefer the alt coin discussions to move to cryptocointalk.com they feel like alt coins are flooding their discussions when they would prefer to talk about btc and sha,..


I will continue to make posts over there but I must say that cryptocointalk.com is our home!


What kinds of posts should we make, in what sections?


1,000 Free POPCoin to each person that can reply with a link to a btctalk post that they made promoting POPCoin -1 Nice and Supportive Thread that they have posted at btc talk


Please make sure that the thread is not too pushy, loud, or arrogant and that the language is classy and thoughtful.


For each successful thread that you post (We will check them) we will send you 1,000 Popular Coin! There is no limit, just please do not say the same thing over and over and call it a new post!


Additional 200 POPCoin for threads that are copied, for example if you make an original thread in alternate crypto currencies thats 1,000 POPCoin for you, if you copy that thread into another forum, thats 200 more so if you make an original thread and copy and post it 4 more times, thats 1800 POPCoin!!


My user status there is still listed as new, I really think users with much more experience at btctalk would be more effective at finding the right places to put the posts,


Let me know what you think, or Just Reply Post the http link to your posts and add your Popular Coin Wallet Address and You will receive coins!


We really hope there ends up being 50,000 POPCoin worth of Posts that go out ASAP!!


Feel free to copy and paste out of our specifications and other ideas in posts that We have Made!







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First of all, sorry for my english, but I´m spanish spoker and my english writing is not as well as I would like.


I´m very new in the cryptocoins and only own a little rig of 1.6Mh. As soon as I see the anouncement I put all my Mh´s working (solo or in the pool) for the Popcoin,


Looking in source code (I´m still learning and I read as much as posible), I saw that there is a NON anounced extra block (9999) that nobody speaks about it, and is more than the 85% of the coins generated.


What is this for?


Don´t you think taht´s a great problem for the popcoin market grow? 


Nowadays, after a week I got 300.000 POPcoins (it was abuot the 2% until today at 8am (european time) , but QW5syVsH1Y8kigAuMXnRGmy8xwEWbTqwU1 now owns almost 99.900.000 POPcoins (the 9999 block that you can see in the block explorer of the webcoin pool), so my 300.000 Popcoins are only the 0.3% of the total coins.


I´m sure that the coin has no future with this extrablock , and that make me feel unhappy after I week looking for it.


Thanks anywhere.




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Turned on my solo miner again this evening.  1500 khs.

I found 6 blocks in about 4 hours.

Four of them were 995 coin, like the ones I mined previously.

However, one was 9990 and one was 4995!


Thank you!!





Awesome, Its nice to be solo mining right!!


Thanks for your Support!


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