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     We are pleased to present the exchange service 24pay.me


     Service works with BitCoin, LiteCoin, BTC-E, Perfect Money, PayWeb, EgoPay, OKPAY. Also we withdraw BitCoin, BTC-E, and LiteCoin on PayPal, FasaPay and Visa/Mastercard cards. Via 24pay.me you can fund/withdraw BitCoin, BTC-E, and LiteCoin via Wire transfer and Money transfer (Western and MoneyGram).

     All registered users can take part in our Affiliate program.


     The most popular directions:


     Withdraw BTC-E on Visa/Mastercard (USD/EUR) - 2.5% / 4.5%

     Withdraw BitCoin on Visa/Mastercard (USD/EUR) - 2.45% / 4%

     Withdraw LiteCoin on Visa/Mastercard (USD/EUR) - 2.5% / 4.5%


     Withdraw BitCoin via Wire (USD/EUR) - 2%

     Withdraw LiteCoin via Wire (USD/EUR) - 2%


     Fund BTC-E via Wire (USD/EUR) - 0.5%


     Here you can check all our fees.


     Do not hesitate to contact our support with any questions!


     Join and exchange with us! :)

Edited by 24pay.me


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You can sell or buy Perfect Money, Okpay, Bitcoin, BTC-E or eCoin.eu on our website.

We can work with big amounts.

If you want to convert the bigger amount than the available reserve stated on the website, you should contact our support and discuss the details with operator.

Please be reminded that we do not process any orders via Skype.


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