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Hello people from the internet, 


I Have (in my opinion) a top 5 satoshi faucets for you. but first ill explain what satoshi faucets are.


A satoshi is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin you are able to trade: 0.00000001 btc is one satoshi. A faucet is a web page which gives you free satoshi. the only thing you have to do is enter your wallet adress and then enter a captcha.


Different faucets have different pay-out systems. With some of them you can only claim every hour but then u will get a larger amount then with the ones with a claim every 5 minutes. 


Then there is Xapo. Xapo is one of the safest places to store your bitcoins plus with most faucets you will get an extra bonus for using Xapo. 


So you might be thinking, why sould i use faucets instead of mining? 

well, first of all faucets are free, no fee's, no monthly payments, just free. Second, there is no need to get any hardware or spend crazy amounts of money on bills for using power. Third its easy to start and fun to whatch the money roll in. :) 


So for my top five i have chosen this faucets:


Free bitcoin is at 5th place because it has a very low pay-out-per-hour. but still worth doing do  :)


BitcoinZebra is at 4th place because it has a pretty good pay-out-per-hour rate.


Bitcoinker is at 3rd place because you can claim every 15 minutes and has a good pay-out per 15 min.


MoonBit is at 2nd place because it generates satoshi overtime. you may decide when to claim so you dont have to claim after an hour of 15 minutes. its just goes on generating. 


Mother Faucet is at 1st place, it has the highest pay-out-per-hour rate. and you have even the chance to triple the amout you have claimed.


Thanks for reading, i hope ill read some comments about your own opinions and how you did on making money with these sites.


PS: sorry in advance for my english, im from The Netherlands. Plz let me know how i did on the english :)


Kind regards 



Proud owner of this post.


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And what about SkyBitcoin?

It pays directly to your wallet (any wallet, not just XAPO) and has highest pay-out than any above.



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Its not cordial to post reflink on other people thread...

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