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WARNING! Backup properly

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Hello. I just wanted to let you know that I almost lost one of the largest Hobonickels wallets due to my own stupidity. Yes, I make backups. But I make backups using shadow copy while the client is running. This resulted in an endless amount of completely useless backup files.


Tranz said it also, do not backup while the client is running. Luckily I found one of the manual backups and restoring now.

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As long as the daemon is shut off yes you can copy the wallet.dat. I suggest copying it to a thumb drive and keeping a few iterations. Just call it wallet-Jun15.dat or something.  You can also keep a backup of the database folder, as this contains the index of the wallet. So it can help if you if completely loose your hard drive.


You can also use the backup wallet in the wallet menu gui. Or rpc command backupwallet.

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