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HBN to USD Via Atomic Trade

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Hey guys I wanted to let you know that HBN can now be traded to BTC and withdrawn to USD at https://www.atomic-trade.com


It is a start-up site, but hopefully all goes smoothly.


Feel free to post your experiences with the site.


I have no directly affiliation with them, and I didn't even ask to have HBN there. But I'm happy it is.



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After using this exchange for a few days, a highly recommend it. The developer of the exchange is always on chat and ready to help, the transactions are not glitchy like they are on cryptsy, and it has a friendly crowd. HBN only has a few users on this site, so I recommend helping to create a stronger market.

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Great to see and here about this site. Not really sure how I missed it earlier. It's really nice to see the easy conversion to and from USD.


@presstab ... yeah...cryptsy is fairly stable but they continue to slow down :(



btw, if you're looking to use your hobonickels, feel free to buy some of my artwork ;)

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